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Biden Admin Planning to Clamp Down on Private Gun Sales

President Joe Biden’s administration, via the ATF, has introduced a groundbreaking document.

This proposal aims to mandate background checks for all gun sales, including private transactions.

Whistleblower Revelation

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The 1,300-page document, revealed by Empower Oversight, was crafted at the White House’s behest.

It marks a significant step towards federal regulation of private gun sales.

ATF’s Draft and Legal Justification

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The ATF’s draft provides legal justification for this sweeping change.

It suggests a new era where private firearm sales would require federal oversight.

Constitutional Concerns

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Empower Oversight has raised concerns about the potential overreach of executive power.

Tristan Leavitt, the group’s president, emphasized the constitutional implications of this move.

Second Amendment Implications

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Leavitt argued that the rule could infringe upon Second Amendment rights.

This perspective resonates with many gun rights advocates.

ATF’s Reserved Response

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The ATF has limited its comments to public information, citing the ongoing development of the rule.

This response reflects the sensitive nature of the subject.

Public Backlash

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The proposed rule has elicited over 387,000 public comments.

Many express opposition, viewing it as a federal overreach into private rights.

Biden’s Executive Order

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The backdrop to this rule is President Biden’s executive order from January 2023.

It directed efforts to redefine who is engaged in the business of dealing in firearms.

Expanding Background Checks

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The order aimed to expand background check requirements to more sellers.

This includes redefining federal firearms licensees (FFLs).

Legislative Evolution

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The move builds on the Gun Control Act of 1968 and subsequent legislation.

A 2022 law particularly impacts those profiting predominantly from gun sales.

The Proposed Rule’s Objectives

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The ATF’s proposed rule seeks to clarify who needs to conduct background checks.

It aims to deter unlicensed sales by setting clear criteria.

Exemptions and Clarifications

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The rule acknowledges legitimate reasons for private gun sales.

It recognizes exceptions for enhancing personal collections or for hobbies.

Seeking Transparency

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Empower Oversight is seeking further information under the Freedom of Information Act.

They are particularly interested in communications involving ATF lawyer Eric Epstein.

The Debate Continues

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As discussions around the rule continue, its impact on private firearm sales remains controversial.

The debate highlights the nation’s divide over gun control.

Balancing Safety and Rights

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This proposal is a critical juncture in U.S. gun legislation. It reflects the ongoing challenge of balancing public safety with constitutional rights.

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