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Biden Administration Determines Israel Military Units Committed Human Rights Violations, Still Won’t Remove Aid

The Biden administration has concluded that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have violated the human rights of Palestinian civilians in the West Bank through the actions of three military battalions. 

Despite these accusations, the units will still receive military aid from the United States. 

This was communicated in a letter from Secretary of State Antony Blinken to House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The allegations against the IDF units pertain to incidents that occurred before the outbreak of the conflict with Hamas on October 7. 

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While these cases do not involve operations against Hamas or other adversaries, they raise concerns about civilian rights abuses in the West Bank.

Issa Amro, a prominent Palestinian human rights activist based in Hebron, expressed disappointment at the U.S. decision. 

Amro criticized the perceived lack of concrete actions from the U.S. to reduce violence and foster peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Administration officials emphasize that the review process for human rights violations has been fair and impartial. 

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They stress that Israel has not received preferential treatment and highlight the importance of holding accountable those responsible for violations.

Under the Leahy Law, the U.S. is obligated to withhold military assistance from foreign units implicated in gross human rights abuses. 

However, there are exceptions if the country takes steps to address the issue and hold perpetrators accountable.

The U.S. and Israel have a special agreement requiring consultation before any decisions related to military aid are made. 

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These consultations are ongoing, and if a unit fails to implement satisfactory remediation measures, aid will be restricted.

Five units, including three military and two civilian, were under review for human rights violations. 

According to Blinken’s letter, four units have taken appropriate remediation steps. 

However, one IDF battalion has been relocated due to misconduct.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly opposed any sanctions on IDF units, labeling it a “moral low.” 

He vowed to challenge the Biden administration’s decision, emphasizing Israel’s right to defend itself against various threats.

The U.S. decision regarding military aid to Israel’s IDF units has sparked debate over accountability for human rights abuses. 

It underscores the complex relationship between the two allies and raises questions about the role of international assistance in promoting human rights standards.

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