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Biden Administration Takes Action to Ensure Mental Health Parity

 The Biden Administration releases an interim final rule to enforce the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. 

Addressing Disproportionate Treatment Limitations 

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The rule aims to curtail treatment limitations that unfairly impact mental health and substance use disorder benefits within group health plans. 

Prohibiting Unfair Access Limits 

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The proposed rule seeks to prohibit the use of nonquantitative treatment limitations (NQTLs) that restrict access to mental health and substance use disorder benefits. 

Data Collection and Analysis 

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Plans and issuers must collect and analyze data to ensure NQTLs do not impose more restrictive limits on mental health and substance use disorder benefits than on medical or surgical benefits. 

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Mitigating Disparities 

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If significant discrepancies are found, plans must take reasonable measures to address disparities in access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment benefits. 

Network Composition Standards 

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The rule also addresses NQTLs impacting network composition, with plans required to evaluate utilization rates, network adequacy metrics, and provider reimbursement rates. 

Technical Release for Guidance 

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A technical release provides additional guidance on data collection and evaluation related to NQTLs and mentions potential safe harbor provisions for compliant plans. 

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Public Comment Period 

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The proposed rule is open for a 60-day public comment period for stakeholders to provide feedback on the implementation of mental health parity. 

Enforcement Efforts to Date 

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The Departments have presented a report to Congress highlighting prior enforcement efforts regarding NQTLs, demonstrating ongoing commitment to parity. 

Anticipated Future Guidance 

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Further guidance on the MHPAEA is expected in the future, indicating continued efforts to ensure equal access to mental health and substance use disorder treatments. 

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Monitoring Compliance 

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Stakeholders, including plans and issuers, are advised to monitor ongoing developments and assess their provisions for compliance with MHPAEA requirements. 

Promoting Equitable Access 

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The Biden Administration’s rulemaking aims to promote equitable access to mental health and substance use disorder treatments, addressing disparities in the healthcare system. 

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During a pre-taped interview that aired on ABC’s streaming platform, Vice President Kamala Harris was asked about her historically low polling numbers. ABC News’ Linsey Davis brought up reports stating that Harris has “the lowest approval rating of any vice president” and asked whether race and gender might play a role in her unpopularity.

Democrats Remain Loyal to Biden Amid Hunter Biden’s Legal Controversies

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Despite concerns about President Biden’s connections to his son Hunter Biden’s ongoing legal issues, Democrats do not appear ready to abandon him as their party’s nominee for the 2024 election. The House Oversight Committee recently held a closed-door interview with former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer, during which he mentioned that Hunter had included his father on speakerphone in various meetings with business associates.

Biden Administration Withholds Funds for Schools with Hunting Courses, GOP Calls it ‘Shameful’

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The Biden administration has confirmed that it is withholding critical funds from elementary and secondary schools across the nation that offer hunting or archery programs in their curriculum. This decision is based on the interpretation of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), which was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Biden after a series of mass shootings.

As a result of this interpretation, funding for shooting sport activities earmarked under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 will be blocked for schools nationwide.

Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner, Devon Archer, Ignored Questions Entering House Hearing

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Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden and a fellow board member of Burisma, was met with media questions as he entered a congressional hearing on Monday. Archer, who is expected to testify against the Biden family, smiled but refrained from responding to reporters’ inquiries.

President Biden Takes Time Off in Rehoboth Beach Amidst Testimonies

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President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were spotted spending time on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, taking an extended break from the responsibilities of high office.

During this period, Devon Archer, a longtime friend and former business associate of Hunter Biden, is expected to testify on Capitol Hill regarding his foreign ventures and the alleged level of the president’s personal involvement.


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