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Biden Ahead of Trump by 4 Points in Virginia, Poll Shows

A poll from Virginia shows President Joe Biden is ahead by four points from his likely opponent, former President Donald Trump.

Who Did the Virginia Poll?

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The poll was conducted by The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research (IPOR) at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, and released on Friday, March 1.

Virginia Poll Results

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The poll results revealed that Biden would secure victory in Virginia with 47% of the vote, compared to Trump’s 43%.

Poll Background

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The survey, conducted from February 11 to 19 with 705 Virginians, carries a margin of error of 4.6%.

Nikki Haley’s Nomination

Credit: Des Moines, Iowa, USA – August 12, 2023: Former South Carolina Governor and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley greets supporters at the Iowa State Fair political soapbox in Des Moines, Iowa. — Photo by jhansen2

However, suppose Trump’s chief rival in the GOP presidential primary, Nikki Haley, were to win the nomination.

In that case, the poll suggests she would defeat Biden by a margin of 49% to 40% in Virginia.

IPOR’s Low Favorability

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Despite the poll results, both Biden and Trump have received low favorability ratings—a mere 35% in the IPOR poll.

Drop-In Biden’s Ratings

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Additionally, Biden’s approval rating stood at 33%, close to a 10% fall from a rating of 42% in May.

Biden’s Ratings Lowest Since Taking Office

Washington DC, USA – Joe Biden, to be inaugurated as 46th president of the United States. Stylized portrait with US flag as background. — Photo by MikeEdwards

The director of IPOR noted that Biden’s approval rating is the lowest observed since taking office when his approval was 47% among Virginians.

David Taylor’s Response

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2020 had shown 36% job approval for Donal Trump, whereas current President Biden’s rating is 33%

Another Poll Results

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However, a recent Harvard CAPS- Harris poll presented significantly different findings regarding the Biden-Trump victory.

Harvard CAPS- Harris poll

Credit: Ryazan, Russia – May 08, 2018: Harvard website on the display of PC, url – Harvard — Photo by sharafmaksumov

According to this poll, Trump leads Biden by six points in a hypothetical 2024 matchup despite facing legal challenges.

Numbers From the Harvard CAPS- Harris poll

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In a direct matchup, the poll revealed that Trump holds 48% support compared to Biden’s 42%, with an additional 9% of registered voters undecided about their preference between the two candidates.

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