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Biden and Trump Clinch Primary Victories in Wisconsin and Three Additional States

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in primary elections across four states, including the pivotal state of Wisconsin.

Biden and Trump, who have both already secured enough delegates for their nominations, aimed to measure voter turnout as a preview for the upcoming general election in November.

In addition to selecting nominees, Connecticut and Rhode Island voters were allowed to vote “uncommitted” in the primary, while Wisconsin offered a similar choice labeled “uninstructed delegation.” 

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Notably, Wisconsin Democrats monitored the turnout for an “uninstructed delegation” following a campaign initiated by progressive activists protesting the handling of the Gaza conflict.

The Listen to Wisconsin campaign was inspired by similar initiatives in neighboring states like Michigan and Minnesota. 

The extent of the campaign’s influence spread across multiple industries, encompassing unions and groups that support the rights of immigrants and those with low wages. 

The active involvement of these groups is a significant factor in Biden’s success in the November elections, especially in Wisconsin, where his victory margin over Trump was narrow.

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As polls closed, attention shifted to the ballot measures in Wisconsin, where Republicans focused on two proposals related to election management. 

The first proposition questioned the utilization of private funds in election administration, while the second queried the designation of election tasks solely to officials designated by law.

Republicans urged a positive response to both proposals and expressed their disapproval of the use of grant money from organizations like the Center for Tech and Civic Life, often referred to as “Zuckerbucks.” 

The Republicans claimed that such funding jeopardized election fairness and called for its elimination to rebuild voter confidence.

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Democrats countered, cautioning against draining resources from government offices and accusing Republicans of attempting to suppress voter turnout through vague language and intimidation tactics.

Ben Wickler, the chairperson of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, expressed his disapproval of the Republican party’s actions. 

He stressed that the state has been strictly following election laws and appreciated the commitment of the election officials. 

He condemned attempts to alter the state constitution based on falsehoods perpetuated by Donald Trump regarding the 2020 election outcome.

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