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Biden Campaign Raises Concerns Over Trump’s Immigration Agenda

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A spokesman for President Joe Biden’s campaign voiced concerns over former President Donald Trump’s immigration agenda, stating that the deportation of illegal aliens would become a “disturbing reality” if Trump were elected president in 2024. The New York Times recently detailed Trump’s plan, which includes mass deportations, an end to birthright citizenship, increased immigration detention space, termination of the DACA program, a travel ban for terrorism-exporting countries, Safe Third Country Agreements, the reinstatement of the Remain in Mexico policy, and the reimposition of Title 42 to enhance border control.

Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa, in response to the plan, expressed fears about what it would mean for the American people. He described the proposed policies as extreme, racist, and cruel, aimed at instilling fear and dividing the nation. Moussa emphasized that unity, hope, and the rejection of fear were among the main reasons why the American people elected Biden and Harris in 2020, adding that they would do the same in the upcoming election.

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Moussa’s statement comes at a time when there are reportedly around 1.2 million fugitive illegal aliens in the U.S. who have final deportation orders but have not been removed by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS). A recent House Judiciary Committee report by Reps. Jim Jordan and Tom McClintock indicates that Biden’s DHS is failing to deport approximately 99 percent of illegal aliens entering the country. Furthermore, records reveal that Biden’s DHS significantly reduced the number of interior deportations of arrested illegal aliens by local or state law enforcement agencies in the last year. In fact, the agency deported the fewest illegal alien gang members since Obama’s presidency in Fiscal Year 2022.

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