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Biden Celebrates Birthday with Flaming Cake

President Biden celebrated his 81st birthday in a lighthearted manner, making a playful reference to his age in an Instagram post on Monday. In the post, Biden joked about running out of space for candles on his “146th birthday,” sharing a picture of a cake adorned with numerous lit candles tightly grouped together.

The candles created a dazzling ring of fire on the cake, eliciting awe from those commenting on the post. Some of the comments jovially mentioned the need for a fire division in the Secret Service or suggested that a larger cake would have provided more breathing room for the abundance of candles.

Credits: DepositPhotos

Over the past few weeks, Biden has frequently made jokes about his age. Concerns about his age have surfaced since his 2020 campaign, and recent polls have shown that voters perceive him as being “too old” to serve another term. On his birthday, Biden spent time at the White House, where he granted a pardon to Thanksgiving turkeys.

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During the ceremony, he jokingly mentioned that he was only turning 60 years old. Biden also acknowledged the 76th anniversary of the turkey pardoning tradition at the White House, humorously remarking that he was too young to have been there for the first one.

Credit: DepositPhotos

To celebrate Biden’s birthday and spend time with family, the president and First Lady Jill Biden are planning to travel to Nantucket, Massachusetts. They will remain on the island through the Thanksgiving holiday.

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