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Biden Criticized for Response to Question About Hunter’s Business Associates

President Biden faced criticism after responding to a question from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy regarding his involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

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Doocy asked about Hunter’s former business associate Devon Archer’s testimony, where Archer claimed that the president spoke with potential clients during his time as vice president.

Biden’s response was met with backlash as he asserted, “I never talked business with anybody,” and dismissed Doocy’s question as “lousy.” Commentators on social media condemned Biden’s response, with some labeling him a “pathological liar” and criticizing his dismissive attitude toward the question.

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Critics pointed to evidence such as letters and voicemails that suggested Biden had some level of involvement in Hunter’s business dealings.

They argued that Biden’s interaction with Hunter’s business partners was indeed a form of business engagement and that denying such involvement was misleading.

The incident highlights the ongoing scrutiny surrounding Hunter Biden’s business activities and the controversies they have generated.

Critics argue that the president’s dismissive response raises questions about transparency and accountability in addressing these matters..

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