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‘Biden doesn’t seem to want Israel to win’: Mike Pence’s Memo to Lawmakers

Advancing American Freedom, a non-profit organization advocating for conservative values and policy proposals, led by Mike Pence, voices serious concerns about Biden’s approach to Israel.

A memo to Congress highlights these issues, sparking discussion.

Memo to Congress

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AAF’s memo, titled “Biden Doesn’t Seem to Want Israel to Win,” was sent to lawmakers recently.

It accuses the Biden administration of hindering Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

Undermining Israel’s Effort

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The memo claims the Biden administration is actively undermining Israel’s military strategy.

This is particularly concerning in the context of Israel’s fight for existence.

Israel’s Mission and Biden’s Stance

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Israel aims for “absolute victory,” including destroying Hamas and ensuring regional stability.

However, Biden’s administration seems to hinder these goals, the memo suggests.

Empowering Iran

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The memo alleges that Biden’s policies inadvertently empower Iran.

This is attributed to the rollback of the Trump-Pence administration’s maximum pressure strategy.

Calls for Ceasefire

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Over a dozen White House staffers have anonymously called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

This indicates a significant shift in the U.S. approach under Biden.

Pence’s Firm Stance

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The war should end when her military goals are achieved, and not a moment sooner, states Pence in the memo.

This reflects a strong position on Israel’s military objectives.

Recent Middle East Escalation

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A drone strike in northeast Jordan marked a major escalation in the Middle East.

Three American soldiers were killed in this incident near the Syrian border.

The Attack on American Forces

The majority of the casualties in Jordan were Army soldiers.

This base has been crucial in the counter-ISIS mission for years.

Iran Backed Militias’ Involvement

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Biden and Defense Secretary Austin blamed Iran-backed militias for the attack.

An Iran-backed coalition claimed responsibility, increasing regional tensions.

Biden’s Vow for Response

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Following the attack, President Biden acknowledged the tough situation in the Middle East.

He vowed that the U.S. would respond, hinting at further actions.

Tensions Post Israel Hamas War

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The service members’ deaths mark a significant rise in tensions.

This follows months of strikes by militia groups on American forces after the Israel Hamas war.

Implications of AAF’s Memo

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The memo from AAF highlights a critical view of Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

It questions the administration’s support for Israel’s military objectives.

Regional Stability at Stake

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The memo’s release coincides with increased tensions in the Middle East.

These developments could heavily impact regional stability and peace.

Global Attention on the U.S. Role

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The world is closely watching the U.S.’s actions in the region.

The recent events could influence America’s foreign policy and its role in Middle Eastern politics.

Future of U.S.-Israel Relations

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The allegations in AAF’s memo and subsequent events may shape future U.S.-Israel relations.

These developments hold significant implications for both nations.

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