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Biden Faces Backlash for “Late” Action on Border Crisis, Hannity Leads Criticism

In response to the ongoing surge of illegal migrants at the southern border, the Joe Biden administration is reportedly considering executive action as a means to address the issue.

This development marks a departure from President Biden’s previous stance, which emphasized the need for congressional action to resolve the border crisis. 

Sean Hannity’s Take

Photo Credit: @seanhannity on Instagram

As news of the potential executive measures emerged, Fox News host Sean Hannity took to social media to criticize Biden for what he deemed a belated response, echoing sentiments expressed by many internet users.

Hannity’s Critique of Biden’s Response

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Fox News anchor Sean Hannity expressed his criticism of President Biden’s handling of the border crisis on social media.

In a tweet posted on X, Hannity accused Biden of being “late” to address the issue, highlighting a report indicating the administration’s consideration of executive action.

Hannity’s Tweet

He wrote, “YOU’RE LATE, JOE!”.
The tweet accompanied an article from Hannity’s official website, detailing the Biden administration’s reported shift toward executive measures to tackle the border crisis.

White House Contemplates Executive Action

Credit: The White House. Washington, DC, USA. April 16, 2015. — Photo by a2gxe

According to NBC News, faced with the escalating challenges at the border and dwindling prospects for congressional action, the White House is exploring the option of executive action to address the surge in illegal crossings.

Numbers Surge to 10,000 Per Day

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The urgency of the situation has intensified as border numbers soared to over 10,000 per day in December.

Democratic Mayors Might Support

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While the proposed executive measures may raise concerns among some progressive lawmakers, officials suggest that they could garner support from Democratic mayors seeking federal assistance to manage migrant influxes.

Status of Proposed Measures

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Despite the consideration of executive action, the specific measures are still in the drafting stage and are not expected to be implemented immediately.

Careful Planning Needed

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The complexities of addressing the border crisis require careful planning and coordination, with the administration weighing various factors to devise an effective strategy.

Republican Opposition to Border Bill

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In a related development, Senate Republicans recently blocked a bipartisan border bill that had been negotiated with Democrats and the Biden administration.

Failure To Advance

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The failure to advance the legislation underscores the challenges of bipartisan cooperation on immigration reform and highlights the urgency of finding alternative solutions to address the border crisis.

Internet Criticism of Biden’s Response

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Following reports of the Biden administration’s consideration of executive action, many internet users joined Hannity in criticizing President Biden for what they perceived as a delayed response to the border crisis.

On social media platforms, users expressed frustration over the perceived lack of action and questioned the effectiveness of potential executive measures.

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