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Biden Family Experiences Crime Surge in DC; Residents Demand Action

In recent news, residents of Washington, DC, have expressed their concern about the rising crime rate following an attempted break-in on Naomi Biden’s SUV. Naomi Biden, President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, fell victim to the surge in crime in the city. This incident has led residents to believe that no one is immune to crime, even within the Democrat-controlled capital.

The crime rates in DC have become so alarming that the Democrat District mayor declared a public emergency on Monday. According to police data, homicides have increased by 33 percent in 2023, robberies have spiked by 67 percent, and motor vehicle theft has risen by a staggering 97 percent.

In the first ten months of 2023 alone, there have been at least 760 carjackings, with 65 percent of the offenders being juveniles. Interestingly, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Matthew Graves, has only prosecuted 56 percent of those arrested in 2023.Disturbed by the growing crime problem, DC residents have taken to social media to voice their concerns.

Many users on the platform formerly known as Twitter, under the account “Native Son,” proposed the idea of federally funded armed secret service agents for every black household. They argue that if even the Biden family is not safe from crime, then every person’s safety should be prioritized and protected.

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The Capitol Hill Crime account also chimed in by stating that it is disappointing that it took an incident involving Naomi Biden for the mainstream media to acknowledge the severity of the DC crime crisis.

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They believe that crime has been worsening for the past five years and has finally reached public consciousness. However, they doubt whether the DC council will take necessary action to address the issue.

Public opinion on the matter varies among residents. Some, like Andy Cline, a District resident for two decades, shared that car-related crimes, such as smash and grabs, are quite common in the elitist neighborhood of Georgetown, where Naomi Biden resides.

Residents often come across broken windows and stolen items, but rarely witness the actual acts of theft. They acknowledge that the criminals are skillful at what they do.

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On the other hand, some residents, like Megan Hearst, seem unfazed by the incident involving Naomi Biden and the Secret Service’s response. Hearst believes that living in DC means being unaware of extraordinary events happening right next door while going about daily life.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also expressed her concern over the attack on President Biden’s family. She acknowledged that the issue extends beyond DC and is a growing concern across the country.

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As the crime rates continue to rise in the capital, DC residents are demanding immediate action from city officials. They believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and that the government needs to take crime seriously. The incident involving the Biden family has further highlighted the urgency of addressing the crime crisis in Washington, DC.

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