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Biden Family’s Financial Dealings with CCP Pose Serious National Security Threat

Research Director Seamus Bruner expresses concerns over Biden family’s financial ties with Chinese Communist Party (CCP), stating it extends beyond pay-to-play and poses a national security threat.

Millions of Dollars Received by the Biden Family from CCP-Linked Sources

Bruner discloses that the Biden family received approximately $31 million from Chinese businessmen associated with high-ranking Chinese intelligence circles, raising concerns about potential compromises of national security.

Biden Family’s Financial Connection to Vice Minister of State Security

Bruner reveals connections between the Biden family’s financial dealings and individuals linked to the vice minister of state security, comparing it to China’s KGB, further highlighting the national security threat.

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Substantial Amounts Received from Burisma

The Biden family reportedly received sizable amounts ranging from $10 million to $16 million from Burisma, bringing the estimated total to approach $50 million, according to Bruner.

Grave National Security Concerns Over Biden Family’s Financial Entanglements with CCP

Contrary to claims of pay-to-play, Bruner argues that the Biden family’s financial ties to the CCP raise significant national security concerns, going beyond monetary transactions.

Worries About Potential Compromises of National Security

Bruner emphasizes that the Biden family’s interactions with the CCP give rise to worries about compromising national security when dealing with a foreign government entity.

Financial Arrangements Challenge Mere Pay-to-Play Characterizations

Financial connections between the Biden family and CCP go beyond a simple pay-to-play arrangement, according to Bruner, posing a more serious national security threat.

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Concerns Over Millions of Dollars Received by the Biden Family

Bruner expresses alarm over the substantial sum received by the Biden family, approximately $31 million, from Chinese businessmen with close ties to high-ranking Chinese intelligence circles.

Connections to Vice Minister of State Security Raise Red Flags

The Biden family’s financial dealings were connected to individuals linked to the vice minister of state security, causing heightened concerns about compromising national security.

Sizable Amounts from Burisma Add to National Security Worries

In addition to the funds received from CCP-linked sources, the Biden family reportedly received substantial amounts ranging from $10 million to $16 million from Burisma, contributing to the estimated $50 million total.

Biden Family’s CCP Financial Entanglements a Serious National Security Risk

Bruner highlights the severity of the national security risk posed by the Biden family’s financial connections with the CCP, emphasizing the need for heightened scrutiny and caution.

Potential for Compromise of National Security Stresses Gravity of Situation

Bruner stresses the gravity of the Biden family’s financial entanglements with the CCP, warning that the potential compromises of national security cannot be taken lightly and require immediate attention.

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