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Biden Gives the Cold Shoulder: Skirts Around Trump Indictment Questions Like a Pro!

Ever wished you could avoid awkward questions like a pro? Joe Biden, the United States President, showed us how it’s done when he was bombarded with questions about former President Donald Trump’s federal indictment. He didn’t break a sweat, not even a twitch! But, we’ve got you covered with all the juicy details.

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Biden’s Magic Words: ‘No Comment’

Credit: DepositPhotos

While touring a robotics lab in sunny North Carolina, Biden was ambushed by a storm of questions on Trump’s federal indictment. It was a regular day until reporters pounced on him, ready for a scoop, but all Biden served was, ‘I have no comment at all.’ Talk about a poker face!

Biden, Unplugged and Unphased 

Reporters? Check. Questions about Trump? Check. But did that phase Biden? No way! He smoothly sidestepped the questions, repeating his no-comment mantra even when the reporters were being herded out of the room. When it comes to dodging bullets, Biden’s got the moves! 

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Trump Indictment: Biden’s Radio Silence

Even as the Trump indictment news rocked the nation, Biden stood firm on his stand – radio silence! And guess how Biden learned about this historical development? Just like the rest of us, from the news! Now that’s a man who stays out of the loop! 

Dalton’s ‘No Comment’ Performance 

Stepping up to the ‘no comment’ plate, deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton performed quite the encore on board Air Force One. Republican concerns about the timing of the Trump indictment? No comment. White House fundraising on the back of Trump’s news? No comment. Politicization of the Department of Justice under Biden? You guessed it, no comment. 

Tweet-tastic Controversy: Democrats Cashing In?

The news took an interesting turn when former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton jumped in, raising money by selling hats labeled ‘But Her Emails,’ referencing her own scandal. But when asked about it, Dalton didn’t drop her ‘no comment’ guard. 

So there you have it! A day in the life of Biden and his administration, navigating the tightrope of politics. Now, how about you? What do you think of the Trump indictment and Biden’s response? Jump in the comments below and let your voice be heard!

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