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Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Mocks Trump On His Own Social Media Platform

The Biden campaign has taken a bold step by engaging directly with Donald Trump on Truth Social, Trump’s own social media platform, using it to critique the former president’s political stance and performance.

Campaign Tactics

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Utilizing Truth Social, the Biden-Harris HQ account released a campaign video that highlights negative pundit opinions about Trump and comments from his primary opponent, Nikki Haley, suggesting a decline in his political prowess.

Trump Camp Response

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In retaliation, a Trump spokesperson criticized the Biden campaign’s strategy, suggesting it highlighted Nikki Haley to weaken the competition.

Growing Followers

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Since joining Truth Social in October, the Biden-Harris HQ account has quickly amassed tens of thousands of followers, directly engaging with Trump supporters on their home ground.

Campaign Strategy

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The move to join Truth Social is part of a broader Democratic effort to engage conservative media consumers, mirroring Pete Buttigieg’s strategy of appearing on Fox News to reach a wider audience.

First Post

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The Biden campaign’s inaugural post on Truth Social welcomed converts, signaling an open invitation for dialogue with traditionally conservative voters.

Truth Social Launch

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Trump initiated Truth Social as an alternative to mainstream social media platforms from which he was banned, promising it as a space for free speech for his supporters.

Ad Content

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The Biden campaign’s ad on Truth Social included clips portraying Trump in an unfavorable light, using his own words against him to challenge his credibility.

Platform Popularity

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Trump’s spokesperson highlighted Truth Social’s success and criticized the Biden campaign’s decision to join as a desperate attempt to distract from Biden’s record.

Shift in Biden’s Strategy

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Recently, Biden has begun directly naming Trump in speeches, a departure from his previous approach of avoiding direct mention, signaling a more confrontational stance as the election approaches.

The General Election Looms

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With the general election on the horizon, Biden’s change in rhetoric reflects a strategic shift to confront Trump and his policies directly, moving the former president back into the political spotlight.

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