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Biden makes unfounded claim: People are ‘thrown out of a restaurant for being gay’

The recent passage of The Respect for Marriage Act, celebrated by the Biden administration, has led to a flurry of public discourse and criticism. President Biden, in his speech, made an implication that caused a stir on social media.

Bipartisan support led to the passing of The Respect for Marriage Act through the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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Biden’s remark gets immediate ‘pushback’ on Twitter

During the commemorative event, Biden remarked, “When a person can be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon, this is still wrong.”

His statement was met with immediate pushback on Twitter, as users questioned the accuracy of his comments, arguing that discrimination against gay people in restaurants is not a prevalent issue.

‘Communists live in a make-believe world,’ Jesse Kelly asserts

Credit: @jessekellydc on Instagram

Prominent conservative commentator Jesse Kelly, known for his fiery rhetoric, drew a controversial parallel in his tweet.

He said, “Biden saying gay people are getting thrown out of restaurants proves a point I’ve made many times: You cannot negotiate or reason with the communist because the simple truth is most of them live entirely in a world of make-believe. You can’t leave reality to work with someone.”

Discrimination shifts towards Christians, unvaccinated

Kelly presented an alternative view, suggesting that it’s not gay individuals who face discrimination but Christians and the unvaccinated.

 “PRO TIP: People in America aren’t getting thrown out of restaurants for being gay. But in just the last couple years, they HAVE been thrown out for being Christian. And they have been thrown out for being unvaccinated.”

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Callahan points out Biden’s misplaced priorities

Similarly, Gerry Callahan, a known critic of the Biden administration, pointed out what he believes to be misplaced priorities.

“Seriously, Joe Biden thinks made-up gay people getting thrown out of pretend restaurants is a bigger problem than a thousand illegal aliens crossing the Southern border in one day.”

A calculated move to manipulate the public

Adam Ford, another conservative voice, suggested that Biden’s assertion was a calculated move aimed at manipulating the public.

“Why does Joe Biden want you to believe that gay people are being tossed out of restaurants in America? Because he thinks you’re an idiot, and he trusts you’re a brainwashed ideologue.”

Keith Ainsworth questions Biden’s claim of LGBTQ+ bias in restaurants

Likewise, Keith Ainsworth questioned the basis of Biden’s statement, wondering aloud about the experiences that led him to his assertion.

“Joe Biden claims that gay people are being thrown out of restaurants just for being gay? Not sure where you been eating, Joe?”

‘Progressives run conservatives out of restaurants,’ Loesch observes

Dana Loesch added her perspective to the conversation in line with her fellow conservatives.

She emphasized that she had not observed discrimination against gay individuals but rather against conservatives, stating, “I’ve never seen a gay person thrown out of a restaurant, but I have seen progressives run conservatives out of restaurants.”

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Biden’s remarks ignite debate on discrimination, individual rights

Biden’s comments at the event celebrating The Respect for Marriage Act have sparked a debate around discrimination and individual rights in America, particularly on social media.

The future will tell how these discussions shape the nation’s political and social landscape.


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