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Biden Mistakenly References Taylor Swift Instead of Britney Spears During Turkey Pardoning Ceremony on His 81st Birthday

President Joe Biden made a slip-up during the White House’s annual turkey pardoning ceremony, which coincided with his 81st birthday. While pardoning two turkeys named Liberty and Bell, Biden mistakenly mentioned Britney Spears instead of Taylor Swift in what appeared to be a reference to Swift’s ongoing international tour.

He mentioned the turkeys’ journey of over 1,000 miles, comparing it to the difficulty of getting tickets to the Renaissance tour or Britney’s tour. However, it should be noted that Swift is currently on tour in Brazil while Spears is not touring.

Taylor Swift fans sue ticketmaster
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The White House has not responded to the mix-up, which has raised concerns among voters about Biden’s age. According to a recent poll by NBC News, Swift is widely recognized among voters, with 94% recognizing her name.

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The poll also revealed that Swift has a high net favorability rating, with 40% of registered voters holding a positive view of her. Interestingly, even Liberty and Bell, the turkeys from the ceremony, seem to be fans of Taylor Swift.

According to National Turkey Federation Chairman Steve Lykken, the turkeys were listening to music before the pardoning and “are, in fact, Swifties.”

Biden’s slip-up occurred on his 81st birthday, and he took the opportunity to joke about his age. He mentioned that the event was in its 76th anniversary, jokingly clarifying that he wasn’t there and that he was too young to have been part of it.

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Recent polls by NBC News indicate that Biden is trailing behind former President Donald Trump among young voters aged 18 to 34, with 46% supporting Trump and 42% supporting Biden. This is a significant difference compared to the 2020 presidential election, where Biden won over voters aged 18 to 29 by more than 20 points, according to national exit polls.

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Furthermore, a September poll by NBC News found that 59% of Americans have major concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health to serve a second term as president. In response, Trump’s physician released a letter stating that the former president’s health is “excellent” and that his cognitive exams were exceptional, without providing specific details. It should be noted that Trump’s health assessments have faced skepticism in the past.

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In conclusion, President Biden accidentally referenced Taylor Swift instead of Britney Spears during the turkey pardoning ceremony on his 81st birthday. This mix-up has sparked concerns about his age among voters, and recent polls indicate a decline in support among young voters compared to the 2020 election.

Additionally, there are concerns about Biden’s health, while Trump’s physician released a letter highlighting the former president’s excellent health without providing detailed information.

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