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Biden Says Trump Is Pursuing ‘revenge and retribution’

In Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden accused Donald Trump of inciting the January 6 attacks. He portrayed Trump as seeking revenge against those trying to hold him accountable.

Biden’s Remarks on January 6 Attack

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Biden described the January 6, 2021, attack, stating, “He told the crowd to fight like hell. And all hell was unleashed.” He also noted Trump retreated to the White House, leaving the chaos to others.

Biden’s Campaign Kickoff and Challenges

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Marking three years since the attacks, Biden gave his first major campaign speech of the year. He addressed questions about his handling of the U.S. economy and his age, 81, while applying pressure on Trump.

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Impact of Biden’s Speech Uncertain

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The effect of Biden’s speech, delivered 10 months before Election Day, is uncertain in a politically divided nation. Yet, it established the framework and stakes of what may be a contentious battle.

Biden’s Call for Democracy

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Biden characterized Trump and his supporters as threats to democracy. He urged Democrats, independents, and “mainstream Republicans” to support him, stating, “Democracy is on the ballot. Your freedom is on the ballot.”

Biden Criticizes Trump’s Campaign Motives

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Biden accused Trump of running a campaign based on “revenge and retribution.” He reminded Americans of Trump referring to his opponents as “vermin,” likening it to language used in Nazi Germany.

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Trump’s Contested 2020 Election Defeat

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Trump, leading the GOP field for the 2024 nomination, has not conceded his 2020 defeat. His actions were deemed to have led to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, resulting in deaths and injuries.

Republicans’ Shifting Stance on Trump

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Biden criticized Republicans for changing their stance on Trump since the Capitol attack. He noted politics and fear have replaced the initial truthfulness of some GOP members and commentators about the uprising.

Trump’s Dominance in GOP and Biden’s Historic Visit

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Republican contenders are hesitant to criticize Trump’s actions on January 6. Prior to his speech, Biden visited the historic Valley Forge, emphasizing the contrast with Trump’s leadership.

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Biden’s Repeated Focus on January 6

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Biden persistently returned to the topic of January 6 in his speech. He vividly described the day’s events, including the threats against then-Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump’s Response and Legal Challenges

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Trump responded to Biden’s speech by criticizing his record and calling the event “pathetic fearmongering.” The Trump campaign also released an ad attacking Biden, while Trump faces legal challenges and possible trials.

Biden’s Focus on Democracy and Pennsylvania’s Role

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Biden has frequently warned about threats to U.S. democracy. The 2024 race is anticipated to be tight, with Pennsylvania seen as a crucial state for both Biden and Trump.

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