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Biden Sets $8 Maximum for Credit Card Late Fees, Probes Healthcare Takeovers

The Biden administration has launched a comprehensive plan to limit excessive bank charges for late credit card payments and scrutinize the impact of the private equity industry on healthcare costs, marking its latest efforts to tackle high consumer expenses.

Formation of the Strike Force

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The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have formed a “strike force” aimed at curbing illegal corporate practices that inflate prices for Americans through anticompetitive or fraudulent business actions.

Investigating Healthcare’s Corporate Greed

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A combined effort by the FTC, the Justice Department, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will delve into the impact of corporate greed in healthcare, specifically targeting transactions involving private equity.

Private Equity’s Influence on Healthcare

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This probe will examine how private equity acquisitions may contribute to increased consolidation in the healthcare sector, potentially compromising patient health, worker safety, and the affordability of care.

The Surge of Private Equity in Healthcare

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Over the past decade, private equity firms have invested heavily in the U.S. healthcare sector, often with minimal regulatory oversight, leading to rising costs as identified by research groups like the National Institute for Health Care Management.

Request for Public Input

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Agencies have issued a Request for Information (RFI) to gather public feedback on the impact of healthcare deals conducted by health systems, private equity, and other asset managers.

Cutting Down Credit Card Fees

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The administration is set to enforce a rule that will cut down the average credit card late fee from $31 to $8, a significant reduction aimed at easing the financial burden on consumers.

Empowering Farmers and Ranchers

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Another rule in the pipeline will grant farmers and ranchers greater power in negotiations with meat packers, ensuring fairer contracts and promoting competitive practices in the agriculture sector.

Biden’s Economic Strategy

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President Biden is expected to outline these initiatives, which are part of his broader strategy to combat anticompetitive practices across various sectors, from agriculture to pharmaceuticals and labor markets.

The Economic Landscape

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Despite improvements in inflation, job growth, and spending, the high cost of living continues to worry American voters, impacting perceptions of President Biden’s economic policies.

Biden’s Campaign Against Corporate Greed

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As part of his reelection campaign, President Biden has consistently criticized “greedy” CEOs and has taken measures against unfair pricing practices in industries such as airlines and pharmaceuticals.

Success in Eliminating Junk Fees

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The administration has made strides in persuading companies to reduce or eliminate extra charges, known as junk fees, which cumulatively save consumers over $20 billion annually.

Credit Card Fee Reduction Impact

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Rohit Chopra stated that the new ruling on credit card late fees will save American families an estimated $10 billion a year, providing significant financial relief.

Addressing Loopholes in Credit Card Fees

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Credit card issuers previously exploited a loophole that allowed them to bypass a federal ban on unreasonable fees, a gap that the new rule aims to close.

Strengthening Protections for Producers

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The Department of Agriculture has introduced a rule prohibiting retaliation against producers, enhancing competition and fairness in the livestock, meat, and poultry markets.

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