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Biden Signs Executive Order For Gun Control Measures Aimed at Reducing School Shootouts

The Biden-Harris Administration has announced a series of executive actions aimed at promoting the safe storage of firearms, aligning with President Biden’s commitment to reduce gun violence and enhance community safety.

With gun violence being a leading cause of death among children in America, these measures seek to address the alarming statistics associated with unsecured firearms.

Impact of Unsecured Firearms on Children

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Gun violence poses a significant threat to children in the United States, with approximately 4.6 million children living in homes where firearms are not securely stored.

Studies indicate that safe storage practices can substantially decrease the risk of self-inflicted harm and accidental shootings among youth, highlighting the critical importance of securing firearms in households.

Association with School Shootings and Youth Suicide

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Unsecured firearms are closely linked to various forms of gun violence, including school shootings and youth suicide.

Shockingly, 76 percent of school shootings involve guns obtained from the shooter’s home, emphasizing the urgent need for safe storage measures to prevent unauthorized access to firearms by children and adolescents.

Federal Efforts to Promote Safe Firearm Storage

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To address these pressing concerns, the Biden-Harris Administration is rolling out new initiatives to encourage safe firearm storage practices across the country.

These actions aim to empower local leaders and communities to prioritize the safe storage of firearms and mitigate the risk of gun-related incidents.

Involvement of Education Department

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The U.S. Department of Education is playing a pivotal role in promoting safe firearm storage by engaging with school principals nationwide.

Through targeted communication efforts and educational resources, the Department aims to raise awareness about the importance of safe storage and encourage proactive measures among parents and caregivers.

Release of Comprehensive Guidance

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Additionally, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is set to release a comprehensive guide on safe firearm storage, offering expert insights and best practices for securely storing firearms.

This initiative represents a significant step towards equipping individuals and communities with the knowledge and tools needed to prevent gun-related tragedies.

Town Hall with Education Leaders

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To underscore the importance of safe firearm storage, First Lady Jill Biden, alongside key administration officials, will participate in a town hall with school principals at the White House.

This event will provide a platform to discuss the critical role of education leaders in promoting community safety and preventing gun violence.

Continued Commitment to Firearm Safety

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These executive actions build upon the Biden-Harris Administration’s ongoing efforts to prioritize firearm safety and reduce gun violence.

From launching public awareness campaigns to implementing grant programs, the administration remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding communities from the devastating impact of gun-related incidents.

Call for Congressional Support

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While executive actions play a crucial role in advancing firearm safety initiatives, the administration emphasizes the importance of congressional support in enacting national safe storage laws.

By holding individuals accountable for negligent firearm storage, lawmakers can enhance accountability and protect vulnerable populations from harm.

Safer States Initiative

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In December, Vice President Harris and administration officials announced the Safer States Initiative, urging states to implement robust firearm storage laws and invest in public awareness campaigns.

Through collaborative efforts with state leaders, the administration aims to create safer communities and prevent gun violence at the grassroots level.

Model Legislation and Grants

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The Department of Justice has provided model legislation and grant opportunities to support state-level initiatives promoting safe firearm storage.

By offering resources and guidance, the administration seeks to empower states to enact effective policies and prioritize the safety of their residents.

Comprehensive Approach to Community Safety

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In addition to firearm safety measures, the Biden-Harris Administration has allocated significant funding to support mental health services and create safe learning environments for students.

By addressing underlying factors contributing to violence, these investments contribute to a holistic approach to community safety and well-being.

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