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Biden Sparks Outrage with Bold Transgender Flag Display at the White House

President Joe Biden has whipped up a storm of controversy by placing the “Progress Pride” flag, famed for its pink-and-blue transgender advocacy colors, at the epicenter of the White House for his Pride celebration.

This audacious move has ignited a firestorm among critics who see it as a blatant slap in the face to the national flag, traditionally seen as a symbol of unity and solidarity with everyday Americans.

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Political Maneuvering Sparks Backlash

Critics have lambasted Biden’s decision to spotlight the “Progress Pride” flag, interpreting it as a calculated Democratic strategy to stir up their young progressive voter base ahead of the 2024 elections.

This comes amid a tempestuous economy marked by plummeting wages, soaring rents, and escalating civic unrest.

However, surveys reveal a growing public resistance to transgender ideology, suggesting government intervention to help young people navigate personal and social issues by potentially altering their declared sex.

Opposition is on the rise, fueled by mounting medical research that highlights the potential hazards of often irreversible transgender medical procedures.

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Intra-LGBTQ+ Community Controversy Erupts

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Adding fuel to the fire, some members within the gay and lesbian community have voiced dissent against the “Progress Pride” flag. They argue that it implies transgenderism is overshadowing their rainbow flag, the globally accepted symbol for the LGBTQ+ community.

Deflection Amidst Rising Criticism

In the face of scathing criticism for prioritizing the transgender and rainbow flags over the nation’s flag, Biden’s team made a tactical diversion by posting a manipulated view of the flag display on his Twitter account.

The Human Rights Campaign, a heavyweight advocacy group for sexual minorities, shied away from posting an image of the flag display.

Conversely, the National Center for Transgender Equality, a staunch pro-transgender group, took pride in their central position in the display.

Legal Controversy and Public Discord

GOP politicians have launched a blistering attack on Biden’s move, with critics charging that his flagrant display of political allegiances tramples U.S. law. On the other side of the coin, pro-transgender advocates have rallied behind Biden’s flag display, justifying its legality by pointing out the presence of another U.S. flag above the White House.

Critics have further accused the flag display of overshadowing other national priorities.

In a bid to deflect attention from the White House’s conspicuous pro-transgender advocacy, Biden’s supporters have attempted to redirect focus to a Nazi flag protest in Florida.

Public opinion polls indicate that support for the transgender cause is waning as the public becomes increasingly aware of potential healthcare and civic fallout caused by the aggressive insistence of transgender ideology on suppressing public recognition of men and women as distinct and complementary.

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