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Biden Stands by Defense Secretary Austin Amidst Hospitalization Controversy

U.S. President Joe Biden has decided not to dismiss Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin despite the controversy surrounding Austin’s recent hospitalizations, where crucial information was not disclosed. This decision comes in response to a growing political furor that erupted when it was revealed that President Biden was unaware of Austin’s hospital stays. Austin, who is expected to be available at a moment’s notice for national security emergencies, has faced calls for his removal by some prominent Republicans, including former President Donald Trump.

Austin’s Hospitalization Revelation

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s undisclosed hospitalizations raised concerns about his ability to fulfill his duties, especially during national security crises. The Pentagon confirmed a second recent hospital stay that had not been communicated to the White House.

Biden’s Administration Response

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Despite the controversy, the Biden administration has announced that they do not intend to terminate Secretary Austin. He remains at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington D.C., where he was admitted on New Year’s Day to the Intensive Care Unit for undisclosed reasons.

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Austin’s Ongoing Responsibilities

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The Pentagon stated that Secretary Austin is actively managing his responsibilities even during his hospitalization. He held discussions on Monday with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, General Erik Kurilla, who heads U.S. troops in the Middle East, and other senior national security leaders.

No Plans for Austin’s Resignation

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John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesman, confirmed that there is no plan to remove Secretary Austin from his position. The administration’s stance is to allow Austin to continue in his role.

Trump’s Criticism

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Former President Trump, a potential Republican challenger to Biden in the 2024 election, called for Austin’s removal, citing “improper professional conduct and dereliction of duty.” He criticized Austin’s week-long absence, which went unnoticed by President Biden.

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Austin’s Crucial Role

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Secretary Austin holds a pivotal position in the U.S. military hierarchy, just below President Biden. His role necessitates immediate availability for national security crises, including the ability to engage in secure communications in case of a nuclear attack, which would be challenging from an ICU bed.

Additional Hospital Stay Revealed

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Air Force Major General Patrick Ryder, the chief Pentagon spokesperson, disclosed that Austin had a previous unreported hospitalization on December 22 for an undisclosed elective medical procedure. During this period, some of his authority was temporarily transferred to his deputy, Kathleen Hicks. The White House was also not informed of this hospitalization.

Calls for Accountability

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Calls for accountability have emerged in response to the nondisclosure of Austin’s hospitalizations. Republican member of the House Armed Services Committee, Elise Stefanik, demanded the immediate resignation of Secretary Austin and those who withheld information.

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McConnell’s Response

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Mitch McConnell, the top U.S. Senate Republican, expressed surprise over Austin’s nondisclosure but declined to comment on whether Austin should resign, ignoring repeated questions from reporters.

Concerns Over Chain of Command

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Democratic Senator Jack Reed, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, expressed concern over the failure to follow vital chain-of-command and notification procedures during Austin’s medical care. He emphasized the importance of preventing such a lack of disclosure in the future.

Hicks Kept Uninformed

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It was revealed that Austin’s deputy, Kathleen Hicks, was also kept in the dark regarding his hospitalization. She assumed some of Austin’s operational responsibilities on January 2 while on vacation in Puerto Rico. However, she was only informed about Austin’s unavailability on January 4, the same day President Biden and other White House officials were made aware of the situation.

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Unanswered Questions Remain

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Many unanswered questions surround Austin’s hospitalization, including the nature of his medical condition at Walter Reed, whether he lost consciousness, and whether any laws regarding notifications to the White House or Congress were violated.

Lack of Medical Details

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The Pentagon has not provided specific information about Austin’s medical condition, whether he is under heavy pain medication, or if he is taking any medication at all. Formal medical prognosis and the disclosure of any additional undisclosed hospitalizations have also not been made public.

Biden’s Recent Interaction with Austin

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While details about Austin’s health remain undisclosed, President Biden communicated with Secretary Austin on Saturday. However, the specifics of their conversation were not shared with the public.

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