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Biden Stands Firm on Two-State Solution for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Despite Criticism

In the wake of the October 7 massacre of Israeli civilians and the subsequent support it received from Palestinians, U.S. President Joe Biden continues to advocate for a two-state solution as the best way to ensure long-term security for both Israelis and Palestinians.

This stance has drawn criticism from Republicans who argue that Hamas must be eliminated for true security to be achieved.

Biden’s reaffirmation of support for a two-state solution comes amidst renewed calls for Palestinian statehood from various Palestinian American groups, Muslim advocacy organizations, and some Democrats.

In a message posted on Sunday, Biden stated, “A two-state solution is the only way to guarantee the long-term security of both the Israeli and the Palestinian people.”

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This declaration was met with strong opposition from Republicans, including Senator Marsha Blackburn who argued that Hamas’s actions demonstrated that the only way to ensure security is to eliminate the group.

Senator Mike Lee also criticized Biden, stating that Gaza has had the opportunity for a two-state solution since 2005 and has chosen not to take it.

Critics of Biden’s support for a two-state solution highlight the issues surrounding the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas. They argue that Abbas and his party, Fatah, are not viable peace partners due to their support for violence against Israel and the rejection of its right to exist.

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The PA has also been criticized for its promotion of anti-Israel sentiment in education and media. Furthermore, critics point out that the PA consistently rejects offers for a state from Israel, and that previous Israeli attempts at land concessions have been met with waves of terrorism.

Polls have shown significant Palestinian support for Hamas and other terrorist groups, as well as a strong desire to eliminate Israel in favor of a Palestinian state. 

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