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Biden to Commemorate PACT Act Anniversary by Meeting Military Families in Utah

Biden to Commemorate PACT Act Anniversary by Meeting Military Families in Utah

Credits: DepositPhotos

President Joe Biden is set to meet with veterans and military families in Utah on the anniversary of the bipartisan PACT Act, a legislation he signed a year ago.

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The PACT Act expanded health benefits to hundreds of thousands of veterans who were injured by toxins during their active duty service.

During his visit, Biden will deliver a speech at the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City to highlight the ongoing impact of the law.

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The PACT law, which stands for Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics, was named after Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson, an Army combat medic who passed away from a rare form of lung cancer.

The law has provided significant health benefits, including over $1.85 billion in earned benefits to veterans and their survivors.

It has also led to increased toxicity screenings and additional services for veterans, such as job placement, mental health care, and legal and financial support.

Biden’s administration aims to continue improving support and benefits for veterans and their families..

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