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Biden To Hold Closed-Door Meeting With Muslim Figures 

According to White House statements, President Joe Biden will convene a closed-door meeting with a group of Muslim leaders on Tuesday evening to address “issues of significance to the community.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that Vice President Kamala Harris, senior Muslim administration officials, and key national security team members will join Biden for the meeting. 

Following the tradition of honoring Ramadan, a brief break of the fast, prayer, and iftar will be hosted with senior Muslim administration officials after the meeting.

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Compared to previous years’ receptions, which had hundreds of guests and a media presence, these events represent a scaled-down observance of Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month.

President Biden’s public schedule did not mention his meeting with Muslim community leaders or the iftar dinner. 

These events take place during a period of heightened tensions between the Arab American and Muslim communities and the administration. 

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The tensions were mainly centered around Biden’s stance on Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza, which has been ongoing for nearly six months. 

The conflict started with a surprise terror attack by Hamas on Israel in October.

Biden is also facing dissent in Wisconsin, where groups are urging voters to cast ballots for “uninstructed” in the Democratic primary as a form of protest against his response to the Gaza conflict. 

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Similar protests have emerged in Michigan and Minnesota.

The Biden-Harris campaign and administration have been ramping up efforts to reach out to these communities recently. 

However, a meeting scheduled with Biden campaign officials in Michigan was cancelled due to objections from Arab American and Muslim leaders.

Jean-Pierre referred to the assembly of Muslim leaders at the White House as a privately held “working group meeting” requested by community members. 

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She stressed that the administration is dedicated to listening, understanding, and adapting the format to solicit feedback from the community.

President Biden spoke about the Israel-Hamas conflict and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza as Ramadan began last month. 

He emphasized the loss of life among Palestinians, which included civilians and children, and the pressing requirement for humanitarian aid.

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