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Biden To Use Custom Stairs on Air Force One to Avoid Tripping Incidents

President Biden has reportedly made an “intentional shift” to using “lower stairs” when boarding Air Force One in an effort to avoid tripping incidents, according to Politico. Two of Biden’s advisers have privately acknowledged this strategy, aiming to make presidential travel easier and reduce the possibility of missteps. The president has also been seen wearing sneakers instead of dress shoes, a concession to comfort due to his age. 

An ‘Intentional Shift’ for Ease of Travel

Credit: DepositPhotos

Addressing concerns about mobility problems, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that she didn’t have a specific decision process to share and assumed there was a protocol for Air Force One. Biden has had multiple tripping incidents while ascending the stairs of the presidential plane. Politico notes that the president’s aides are taking steps to limit situations that might highlight any signs of physical frailty.

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Ditching Dress Shoes for Sneakers

The outlet also highlighted the president was wearing sneakers as opposed to dress shoes recently. “The sneakers are another concession to comfort necessitated by age,” Politico reported. “One person close to the president said Biden used to always resist wearing anything other than dress shoes, believing that any other footwear look was unpresidential. But he has eased up on that stance in recent months.”

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Weather and Presidential Practices

Using the shorter stairs during inclement weather is a common practice for presidents, according to the report. 

Concerns Over Biden’s Age and Second Term

Concerns about Biden’s age and his ability to serve a second term have been raised by voters, Democrats, and even some of his aides as he campaigns for reelection in 2024. However, Biden has touted his age as an advantage, claiming to possess a wealth of wisdom and experience that surpasses that of anyone who has ever run for office. 

The White House did not provide a comment on the matter.

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