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Biden Urged to Meet with Stevie Wonder on Racial Issues, Says Liberal Reporter

During a recent White House press briefing, reporter April Ryan brought up legendary singer Stevie Wonder and his concerns about racial issues. This led to some laughter from other reporters, but Ryan remained steadfast in her inquiry.

Ryan explained that she had an in-depth conversation with Wonder, who expressed worries about the Black agenda being neglected. He highlighted issues such as the rollback of laws from decades ago, including the Voting Rights Act, recent events in Arkansas, affirmative action, and Supreme Court decisions, as well as censorship controversies.

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Ryan asked if the White House was open to meeting with Stevie Wonder, citing his historic meetings with previous presidents, including Ronald Reagan. She also mentioned his contribution to establishing the holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his collaboration with President Obama during his election campaign.

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized the significance of Ryan’s question and assured that the administration would take it seriously. Jean-Pierre acknowledged Stevie Wonder’s iconic status, his impact on civil rights and voting rights, and his advocacy for the community.

While Jean-Pierre could not confirm any scheduled meetings with Wonder, she affirmed that President Biden has prioritized addressing racial inequality since his first day in office. She acknowledged Wonder’s previous call for a “truth” commission to investigate racial inequality, stating that the administration is committed to addressing these issues.

Credit: DepositPhotos

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In 2021, Wonder urged the White House to initiate a government investigation to confront the truth of racial inequality in the country. He emphasized the importance of accountability, forgiveness, and healing through acknowledging the past and working towards reconciliation.

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