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Biden Write-In-Campaign Secures New Hampshire Victory

U.S. President Joe Biden achieved a win in New Hampshire’s primary election through a write-in vote. This victory showcased his political strength, even though he wasn’t on the ballot.

Biden Triumphs Over Ballot Candidates

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Edison Research projected Biden as the winner over the official Democratic candidates, U.S. Representative Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson. This result underlines Biden’s significant support within the party.

Democratic Write-in Campaign’s Impact

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New Hampshire Democrats, disconcerted by the DNC’s decision to move the primary to South Carolina, orchestrated a fervent write-in campaign for Biden. Their efforts led to this historic win.

Biden’s Gratitude and Historic Nature of Win

Washington DC, USA – Joe Biden, to be inaugurated as 46th president of the United States. Stylized portrait with US flag as background. — Photo by MikeEdwards

President Biden expressed his thanks to those who participated in the write-in, calling it a “historic demonstration of commitment to our democratic process.” This sentiment was echoed at the watch party organized by the campaign’s supporters.

Mixed Reactions at Watch Party

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At the watch party, there was a mix of boos and cheers. Some audience members expressed discontent with the DNC’s decision, while others celebrated Biden’s apparent success.

Matt Wilhelm’s Remarks on the Campaign

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Matt Wilhelm, a Democratic state representative, praised the write-in campaign’s effectiveness. He emphasized its message of fighting for democracy and re-electing Biden.

Early Vote Counts and Results

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With 40% of the write-in counted, Biden led with approximately 68% of the vote. This early lead significantly overshadowed Phillips’ 20%.

Dean Phillips’ Continuation and Criticism

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Despite Biden’s lead, Dean Phillips, who had about 20% of the vote, vowed to continue his campaign. He criticized Biden’s leadership and warned of the potential challenge from Donald Trump.

Phillips’ Reaction and Trump’s Victory

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At his watch party in Manchester, Phillips congratulated Biden but noted the win didn’t reflect the strength expected of an incumbent president. He also acknowledged Trump’s success in the Republican vote.

Biden Campaign’s Focus on General Election

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The Biden campaign, while not mentioning the write-in, emphasized the upcoming general election battle against Trump. They highlighted Biden’s unique position as the only candidate who has previously defeated Trump.

Debate Over Primary Election Location and Impact

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Biden had supported the DNC’s decision to move the primary to South Carolina. The significance of his victory in New Hampshire will likely be a point of debate among his rivals.

Polling Insights and Democratic Expectations

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A CNN/University of New Hampshire poll showed Biden with a strong lead in the state. Democrats had been managing expectations, referencing Senator Lisa Murkowski’s 39% in a 2010 write-in as a benchmark.

Biden’s Campaign Readies for Trump Nomination

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Anticipating Trump’s nomination, Biden’s campaign announced strategic changes. Top advisers Mike Donilon and Jen O’Malley Dillon will transition from the White House to his reelection campaign.

Biden’s Campaign Seeks Reinvigoration

KIEV, UKRAINE – Dec 08, 2015: Vice president of USA Joseph Biden during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kiev — Photo by palinchak

Following criticism from within the Democratic Party, the move to shift advisers to the campaign indicates a desire to invigorate Biden’s reelection bid. This strategy aims to counter any momentum from the Republican side.

The Road to 2024

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As the path to the 2024 election becomes clearer, Biden’s unusual victory in New Hampshire sets a unique precedent. The coming months will be crucial for both major parties as they prepare for the general election.

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