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Biden’s $39 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness Sparks Legal Battle: Former DOE Official Says It’s Just the Beginning

A Missed Opportunity for Education Reform:

The Biden administration’s decision to forgive $39 billion in student loan debt is facing backlash and potential legal challenges. However, critics argue that this money could have been better allocated towards addressing the severe decline in academic performance caused by the pandemic. Angela Morabito, spokesperson for the Defense of Freedom Institute, believes that investing in the educational basics should be the priority.

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The Distressing State of American Education:

Morabito emphasizes the urgency of improving the educational system, stating, “American education should ensure that every student can read, write, do math, and understand science and history at a very high level.” Sadly, the nation’s students have experienced a significant learning loss, with many struggling to keep up with pre-pandemic learning levels.

Biden’s Push for Loan Forgiveness:

The Biden administration proudly announced the forgiveness of $39 billion in student loan debt, benefiting over 800,000 borrowers. This move comes shortly after the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s original $400 billion loan forgiveness plan. Morabito claims that this decision is part of a larger plan to enact mass loan forgiveness, regardless of its legality or potential consequences.

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Alarming Statistics on Learning Loss:

Recent reports reveal alarming figures regarding the decline in academic performance. Math scores for 13-year-olds hit a 31-year low while reading scores reached a nearly 20-year low. These shocking numbers underscore the need for immediate action to address the crisis in American education.

The Power Struggle Between President Biden and Congress:

Morabito argues that President Biden should consult with Congress regarding decisions on federal student loan debt. She points out that it is Congress that holds the power of the purse, and if Biden wants to pursue loan forgiveness, he should seek approval from the legislative branch. Morabito asserts that bypassing Congress demonstrates a lack of respect for the democratic process.

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A Divisive Political Move:

Critics, including Morabito, view the forgiveness of student loan debt as a political decision rather than a legal one. She questions the legal basis for this action and predicts that legal challenges will arise in response to the Biden administration’s move. It seems that the controversy surrounding student loan forgiveness is far from over.

Prioritizing Academic Improvement:

Morabito suggests that instead of focusing on loan forgiveness, the Biden administration should prioritize addressing learning loss and improving education nationwide. While funding alone won’t solve all the problems, Morabito believes that empowering parents with choice and implementing thoughtful educational programs can make a significant impact.

The Continuing Challenge of Learning Loss:

Despite the influx of federal aid to combat learning loss post-pandemic, the problem persists. Billions of dollars earmarked for education remain unspent. Morabito contends that money alone is not the solution, but rather, a combination of parental choice and strategic educational programming can effectively tackle the ongoing crisis in American education.

Conclusion: A Legal Battle in the Making

The forgiveness of $39 billion in student loan debt is just the beginning of what promises to be a lengthy legal battle. As critics voice their concerns about the allocation of funds and the impact on education, it remains to be seen how the Biden administration will respond. The fight over student loan forgiveness is far from over, and the future of education policy hangs in the balance.

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