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Biden’s Administration Lays Down the Pronoun Law!

Have you heard the latest from the Biden administration? It’s a juicy one! They’ve cranked up the heat on Social Security Administration (SSA) employees, mandating a lesson in the ABCs of LGBTQ+. No kidding! So, brace yourselves as we unravel this tale of “preferred pronouns and punishment.”

Welcome to The New Normal: ‘They’ and ‘Them’ in the Workplace

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Who knew that gender pronouns could become the workplace talk of the day? The Biden administration sure did! They’ve pulled out all stops, mandating all SSA employees to undertake some serious training. The objective? To ensure that your co-worker’s “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are as respected as the office coffee machine.

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Don’t believe us? Audio recordings secured by the Sentinel, a bird’s-eye view into these controversial workshops, reveal the administration’s no-nonsense stance. Refusing to use the right pronouns? Well, that’s a one-way ticket to a full-scale investigation!

Playing by the New Rules: The Tale of ‘Patrick to Patricia’

This mandatory video training, folks, is something else! It spins the story of a guy named “Patrick” who decides one fine day that he’d rather be “Patricia.” His boss, “Mark,” goofed up once, calling him “Patrick” instead of “Patricia,” but immediately made amends. 

Another colleague, “Judy,” was called out for expressing her skepticism. “I don’t agree with those types of changes, and I believe that we are born who we are. This is nonsense,” she said. Talk about a controversial stance!

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Straight From the Top: ‘Mark, You’ve Got One Job’

Our fictional boss Mark is informed that it’s his duty to maintain a discrimination and harassment-free workplace. If he or any of Patricia’s coworkers slip up on her name or pronouns, they’re crossing the line of this new pronoun policy. Yep, you heard it right!

Say it Right, or Pay the Price!

Everyone in the SSA has to get with the program. The training lays it out clear as day – use the name and pronouns appropriate to each employee’s gender identity, or else face the consequences. Even watercooler chat isn’t immune to these new rules!

Stumbled upon a possible case of discrimination or harassment? You’re encouraged to knock on the doors of the agency’s Office of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity and let them know. They’ve got a “Harassment Prevention Officer” at the ready to swing into action.

Biden’s DEI Revolution: Not Just the SSA!

This isn’t just about SSA, though. Biden’s crusade for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has gone beyond, finding its way into the military. He’s even endorsed the sentiment that DEI are “essential to unit cohesion and trust.” 

Pronouns in Emails and Gender-Neutral Language: It’s Mandatory!

You won’t believe this, but SSA employees have been directed to include their pronouns in email signatures and go for “gender-neutral language.” Also, they’ve been advised to give employees ‘safe access to their preferred restroom.’ Office dress codes are also getting a makeover. No more gender-based restrictions. The era of free expression is here, y’all!

Watch Your Words: Mockery and Misgendering are Out!

The SSA has got a hawk-eye on anyone who indulges in mockery, harassment, or misgendering.

The administration is on a roll, urging managers and supervisors to encourage employees to report such incidents. 

It’s a brave new world, isn’t it? And with the recent Pride Month shenanigans at the White House, it seems like the entire LGBTQQIAAP2S+ spectrum is coming into focus, including the rarely mentioned “Two Spirit” gender identity. 

What a roller-coaster ride it’s been! How do you feel about these changes? Too much too soon or just what the doctor ordered? Sound off in the comments. We’re all ears!

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