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Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to 38 Percent, Gallup Poll Reveals

A recent Gallup survey has revealed a noticeable decline in President Biden’s approval rating, with only 38 percent of respondents expressing satisfaction with his performance. 

This figure is alarmingly close to his all-time low, highlighting a challenging period for the administration.

Overall Disapproval

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The poll indicates that a significant majority, 59 percent of Americans, disapprove of Biden’s tenure in the White House, underscoring the gravity of the president’s situation.

Handling of the Ukraine Conflict

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Concerning Biden’s approach to the war in Ukraine, only 40 percent of those surveyed support his efforts, reflecting skepticism about his foreign policy decisions.

Response to the Gaza Conflict

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The president’s handling of the war in Gaza fares even worse among Americans, with a mere 30 percent approval rating. 

This low figure suggests a critical view of his strategies in the Middle East.

Foreign Affairs Challenges

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In broader foreign affairs, Biden’s approval has not significantly improved, with only 33 percent of respondents backing his international policies.

Economic Recovery Efforts

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On the economic front, 36 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s endeavors to rejuvenate the economy following the pandemic, indicating a slight improvement in perception since November.

Immigration Issues

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The administration faces its harshest criticism on immigration, with just 28 percent of Americans approving of how Biden is managing the surge of migrants at the U.S. border.

Democratic Support

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Democrats generally support Biden’s economic policies and handling of the Russia-Ukraine war and foreign affairs. 

However, his approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict and immigration reveals less favorable opinions among Democrats.

Approval of Immigration

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Biden secures a “bare” majority approval among Democrats for his immigration policies, with a 55 percent approval rating highlighting a divided stance within his party.

Middle East Conflict Views

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His policies regarding the Middle East conflict receive a slightly lower approval of 51 percent from Democratic respondents, suggesting room for improvement.

Independent Voters’ Perspective

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While Biden’s handling of the economy has made up some ground with independent voters, their opinions on other topics remain less favorable, reflecting a broader challenge in appealing to non-partisan groups.

Republican Support

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Republican approval of Biden’s presidency is notably low, with only 3 percent supporting his immigration efforts and 4 percent his economic policies, emphasizing the partisan divide.

Historical Context

Credits: DepositPhotos – (NEW) President of the United States Joe Biden delivers remarks on a possible default of the debt in a speech at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York. May 10, 2023. — Photo by thenews2.com

Biden’s approval rating struggles to surpass 44 percent since August 2021, marking him as one of the least popular post-World War II presidents during his third year in office.

Approval Rating Trends

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Despite an initial high approval rating of 57 percent, Biden’s popularity has seen a consistent decline, hitting a low of 37 percent in April 2023.

The Road to Reelection

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Looking ahead to the upcoming elections, Gallup notes, “Biden has significant work to do to improve his approval rating among independents as well as Democrats if he is to win a second term,” underscoring the challenge ahead for Biden’s reelection campaign.

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