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Biden’s Dilemma: Transition or Defeat?

In a surprising turn of events, Biden faced political backlash from Obama-world, with calls for him to step aside in 2024. Despite this message, Biden remained in office and proceeded to make actions that embarrassed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) over the weekend. Tensions are mounting, and for the second consecutive weekend, Obama-world’s chief political strategist, David Axelrod, was dispatched to deliver another communiqué to Joe.

Photo Credit: @garretts_space on Instagram

Axelrod highlighted the concerning impact of age on Biden’s polling numbers. This irreversible factor has sparked worries among the electorate, regardless of Biden’s effectiveness behind closed doors or in front of cameras. These concerns reached Biden’s ears, prompting him to hurl an expletive-laden insult at Axelrod, publicly labeling him with a derogatory term rhyming with “brick.”

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When asked to respond to Biden’s insult, Axelrod calmly acknowledged that being called such names was not uncommon in his long political career. Despite the tension, Axelrod emphasized that his concerns reflected those of numerous Democrats, and his stance remained unchanged: either Biden should step aside voluntarily or face the consequences of an arduous re-election campaign.

However, resorting to name-calling only undermines Biden’s chances at re-election. His support base is eroding, with Hispanics openly expressing their longing for the previous administration. The path forward for Biden seems mired in a critical decision: should he undertake a transition or risk defeat in the impending election.

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