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Biden’s Former Iran Envoy, Now Teaching at Princeton

Robert Malley, previously President Biden’s Special Envoy for Iran, has joined Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs as a faculty member.

Investigation Surrounding Malley’s Security Clearance

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Robert Malley was placed on leave in June as his security clearance is being investigated, with the details of the investigation undisclosed.

Malley to Teach Graduate Course on Foreign Policy Decision-Making

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Princeton’s Department of Public and International Affairs has announced that Malley will be teaching a graduate course in the fall, focusing on foreign policy decision-making.

Leading Undergraduate Courses on Diplomacy and Negotiation

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In the spring, Malley will be teaching one to two undergraduate courses at Princeton, centered on diplomacy, negotiation, and foreign policy.

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Malley’s Efforts on Iran Nuclear Deal

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As Special Envoy, Robert Malley played an instrumental role in attempting to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which former President Trump had withdrawn from.

Investigation Involves Handling of Classified Materials

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The security clearance investigation of Malley reportedly concerns his handling of classified materials, though further details have not been revealed.

Malley Expresses Confidence in Favorable Outcome

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Despite the ongoing investigation, Malley has expressed confidence in a favorable resolution, stating that he expects it to be resolved soon.

Malley’s Commitment to Engage with Future Public Servants

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During his time at Princeton, Malley plans to engage with the next generation of public servants, imparting his expertise and experiences in foreign policy.

Returning to Government Service in the Future

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While teaching at Princeton, Malley looks forward to returning to government service at an appropriate time, further contributing to diplomatic efforts.

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Malley’s Appointment to Promote Academic Excellence

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Princeton’s appointment of Malley reflects the university’s commitment to academic excellence and the integration of real-world expertise into the classroom.

Honing Skills in Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

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Through his courses at Princeton, Malley aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge in foreign policy, diplomacy, and negotiation.

A New Chapter for Robert Malley

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Joining the faculty at Princeton University marks a new chapter in Robert Malley’s career, where he can continue his passion for teaching and shaping future leaders.

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Environmental Activists Criticize Biden for Not Formally Declaring Climate Emergency

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