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Biden’s Ineffectiveness on the Global Stage: Assessing the Xi-Biden Summit

Biden Portrayed as Weak and Beatable

In her segment on “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham criticized President Biden’s performance on the world stage following his meeting with Chinese President Xi. Ingraham focuses on the press’s attempt to divert attention from the economic challenges faced by Americans under “Bidenflation” and the nation’s border crisis, instead seeking to promote Biden’s ability to engage with Xi.

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Ingraham highlights that despite the media’s efforts, the public’s perception of Biden as incapable on the global stage remains unchanged. According to recent polls, 46% of Americans trust former President Trump more than Biden when it comes to dealing with China, while only 34% trust Biden more. Ingraham suggests that the American people have become aware of Biden’s inadequacies through observing his body language and actions.

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The Xi-Biden summit, Ingraham predicts, is unlikely to alter public opinion on Biden’s competency. Those who value America’s independence and freedom will likely perceive the summit as further evidence of Biden’s weak leadership and the nation’s diminished position on the global stage. Ingraham concludes that, rather than signaling a strong start to a new chapter, the summit signifies the feeble end of Biden’s presidency and the weakening of America.

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