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Biden’s latest gafe: ‘We Ended Cancer as We Know It’

During a recent event at the White House aimed at promoting expanded access to mental health coverage, President Joe Biden made a remarkable statement, asserting that his administration has effectively “ended cancer as we know it.”

While addressing the audience in the East Room, the President emphasized his goal of combating mental illness’s stigma and providing Americans with the necessary tools to seek help.

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Biden expressed perplexity at the distinction made by American society between a broken arm and a mental breakdown, stating that, in his mind, there is “no difference” between the two.

Ending the Stigma Around Mental Illness

President Biden’s primary focus during the event was to address mental health issues and create a more inclusive and compassionate environment for individuals struggling with mental illnesses.

He stressed the importance of achieving true mental health parity for all Americans, eliminating discrimination between psychological and physical health treatments.

“We’re working to improve insurance coverage for mental health in America,” Biden said to a room full of mental health advocates.

A Personal Motivation: The Fight Against Cancer

Additionally, Biden highlighted his dedication to the fight against cancer. He cites his experiences, including losing his son Beau Biden to brain cancer in 2015.

The President firmly committed to significant advancements in cancer research and treatment. He has consistently advocated for ending cancer.

Biden’s Bold Statement sparks curiosity

Credit: DepositPhotos

He shared a poignant moment during the President’s speech on mental health. When asked what he would do if he could achieve anything – Biden boldly stated he would end cancer.

Acknowledging the skepticism surrounding such an ambitious goal, Biden stated that ending cancer was possible and genuinely believed they had already achieved this monumental feat.

The audience, somewhat taken aback, listened to Biden’s words with surprise and curiosity.

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Addressing Insurance Coverage For Mental Health

President Biden’s determination to improve mental healthcare was exemplified when he introduced a mother who had faced difficulties getting her insurance to cover her daughter’s mental health treatment costs.

Biden announced his administration’s intention to establish new rules encouraging insurance companies to expand their mental health treatment benefits further to enhance mental health coverage.

Equal Treatment for Physical and Mental Health

The proposed regulations would require insurers to assess whether their customers have equitable access to both medical and mental health benefits.

President Biden strongly advocated for equal physical and mental health treatment, arguing that conditions like a broken bone should receive the same seriousness and insurance coverage as mental health conditions like depression.

The White House Transcript Controversy

Furthermore, a discrepancy arose regarding President Biden’s statement on ending cancer.

The official White House transcript claimed that the President had said, “We can end cancer as we know it.”

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However, multiple sources reported that he had used the more definitive phrase, “We ended cancer as we know it.” The apparent certainty of the latter statement sparked debates and discussions.

President Biden’s speech on mental health treatment brought attention to the pressing issue of mental health and his ambitious goal of eradicating cancer.

His determination to create equal opportunities for mental and physical healthcare showcases his commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering a society that values and prioritizes the well-being of its citizens.


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