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Biden’s Lawsuit Against Texas Immigration Law Aims to Restrict State Actions on Illegal Immigration

A new lawsuit filed by the Biden administration is targeting Texas’ anti-illegal immigration law. This marks the latest in a series of legal challenges by the administration against state-led efforts to curb illegal immigration.

DOJ Sues Over Texas Immigration Law

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The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on Wednesday over a law signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The law empowers state and local law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants, challenging federal authority.

Federal Government’s Exclusive Rights

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The lawsuit filed by the United States aims to maintain its exclusive federal authority over immigration. It states, “Texas cannot run its own immigration system,” and criticizes Texas’ SB 4 for intruding on federal authority.

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Texas Governor’s Defiant Response

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Governor Abbott sharply criticized the Biden administration for suing Texas instead of enforcing federal immigration laws. He stated, “Texas will not back down,” emphasizing the state’s commitment to securing its border.

DOJ Seeks Supreme Court’s Intervention

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The DOJ’s latest legal action follows a request for the Supreme Court to intervene in a dispute over razor wire at the Texas border. Texas sued after federal officials removed the wire intended to prevent illegal crossings.

Controversy Over Border Wire

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Texas accused the federal government of illegally destroying state property and hindering border security efforts. However, the government argues that the wire hampers Border Patrol operations and the apprehension of illegal immigrants.

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Appeals Court and Supreme Court Involvement

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An appeals court prevented the administration from removing the border wire. Subsequently, the DOJ applied to the Supreme Court to address this case.

Dispute Over Rio Grande Barrier

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Another legal battle involves Texas’ construction of a floating barrier on the Rio Grande. The DOJ contends that this barrier poses safety risks, violates federal law, and hinders governmental duties.

Court Ruling Against Texas Barrier

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The Fifth Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the administration regarding the Rio Grande barrier. It ordered Texas to dismantle 1,000 feet of the barrier, with future legal developments yet to be seen.

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Echoes of Arizona’s Border Battle

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Texas’ current legal battles mirror a similar conflict with Arizona over makeshift border barriers a year earlier. The administration sued Arizona for using shipping containers and razor wire, alleging damage to federal lands and obstruction of federal duties.

Arizona’s Compliance and Removal of Barriers

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Arizona eventually complied with the lawsuit and removed the shipping container barriers. The lawsuit had criticized Arizona’s actions for damaging federal lands and impeding federal officials.

Ongoing Legal and Political Challenges in 2024

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The lawsuits against Texas are expected to remain a prominent issue in 2024, amidst rising migrant encounters. The administration is advocating for expanded lawful migration pathways and tougher penalties for illegal entry, while seeking border funding and immigration reform from Congress.

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