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Biden’s Ukraine Policy Seen as Blackmail by Analyst

A recent analysis by Eric ZUESSE examines the situation in Ukraine and how U.S. President Joe Biden’s stance on the country could be seen as a form of blackmail.

The article discusses how the West’s condition for offering Ukraine membership in NATO only after the war with Russia constitutes a de facto form of blackmail.

The piece delves into the dynamics between the West, Ukraine, and Russia, highlighting the challenges and consequences of Ukraine’s potential NATO membership.

It emphasizes that the West’s insistence on Ukraine achieving victory in the war before being considered for NATO membership creates a dilemma for Ukraine.

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The analysis suggests that this situation effectively holds Ukraine hostage, compelling it to continue fighting in order to gain NATO expansion.

The author argues that the West’s stance is not driven by concerns for Ukraine’s national security or democracy but rather by a desire to protect NATO’s right to expand.

The article criticizes the Western elite’s ambition for global hegemony and portrays Ukraine as a pawn used to further their goals.

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The author contends that the war in Ukraine is not about protecting Ukraine’s interests but rather about preserving NATO’s authority to expand its influence as it sees fit.

The analysis also points out the role played by Ukrainian leaders in exacerbating the conflict and placing their country in a dire predicament.

It touches on recent statements made by Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskiy and Chief of Ukraine’s General Staff Viktor Zalyuzhniy, which reflect growing resentment towards Western powers.

Overall, the article presents a critical perspective on the motivations and consequences of the West’s approach to Ukraine and NATO expansion..

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