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Bill Barr: Trump Was Warned About Post-Election Actions’ Legal Consequences

Bill Barr: Trump Was Warned About Post-Election Actions’ Legal Consequences

Former Attorney General Bill Barr revealed that former President Donald Trump had been warned by his legal advisors about the potential legal consequences of his post-election actions. During an appearance on FNC’s “Your World,” Barr discussed the events that led to his resignation and the legal challenges that followed the 2020 presidential election.

Credit: AP

Barr clarified that he resigned from his position on December 14, believing that the state votes had been certified and the legal process was concluded at that point. He expressed concerns about Trump’s rhetoric regarding the election results, stating that he found it irresponsible, particularly his promotion of the “Big Lie.”

The former Attorney General noted that Trump’s actions went beyond what he and others had anticipated. Barr revealed that Trump’s own lawyers within the White House warned him that persisting with his claims and actions could result in legal entanglements with the criminal justice process. Barr emphasized that Trump’s subsequent legal challenges and issues should not have come as a surprise to him or anyone else, given the warnings he received.

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Anchor Neil Cavuto questioned whether Trump’s refusal to back down could be attributed to his belief that he was fighting a just cause. Barr responded by emphasizing that even if Trump genuinely believed he was wronged, it does not justify using illegal means to rectify the situation. He drew a parallel to robbing a bank to retrieve money, stating that one cannot resort to illegal actions even if they believe they are being treated unfairly.

Barr’s comments shed light on the warnings that Trump received from his legal team and the subsequent legal challenges that followed his post-election actions. Barr’s view highlights the importance of adhering to legal means even when faced with disputes or grievances.

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