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Bill Maher Slams Jihadist University Protesters: What Happens When ‘Activism Merges With Narcissism’

In a recent episode of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher voiced strong criticism against pro-Palestinian protesters in the United States, questioning their methods and motives amidst ongoing demonstrations against Israel.

Bill Maher, known for his pointed and often polarizing takes, addressed the intensifying anti-Israel protests that have spread across American campuses following the conflict initiated by Hamas on October 7.

Maher highlighted how activists have disrupted daily life by blocking traffic and setting up encampments at universities, demanding divestment from Israel. 

These actions, Maher argued, have alienated public sympathy and spotlighted the protesters’ disconnect from everyday responsibilities, which he termed as “kind of privilege-y.”

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Maher openly chastised the protesters for obstructing roads, sarcastically suggesting that their approach to gaining support through public inconvenience was misguided, alienating those who might otherwise be empathetic to their cause.

The comedian turned a critical eye specifically towards Columbia University, the epicenter of the campus protests, using humor to underscore the tension between Jewish students and protesters at the institution.

Injecting humor into his critique, Maher likened the keffiyeh — a symbol of Palestinian solidarity worn by many protesters — to the Che Guevara T-shirt, suggesting both were trendy rather than genuine symbols of informed advocacy.

“Are you really speaking truth to power? Or do you just think you look cool in a keffiyeh?” he asked the protestors.

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Maher referenced the tragic incident involving Aaron Bushnell, who fatally self-immolated outside the Trump trial in New York, using it to question the extreme lengths to which individuals might go to align themselves with historical struggles.

“‘Many of us like to ask ourselves: What would I do if I was alive during slavery?’” he asked, quoting the final post from Bushnell, following it up with, “I guess the right answer is: kill myself.”

Expanding his critique, Maher posited that the recent protests were what happened when “activism merges with narcissism,” where the act of protesting becomes more about the protesters’ self-promotion than the cause they claim to support.

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While Maher’s comments focused on the protesters’ methods, he did not overlook the severe humanitarian impact of the Gaza conflict, noting the heavy casualties reported by both sides.

Known for his critical view of religious orthodoxy and his nuanced support for Israel, Maher’s latest comments align with his longstanding position on the right to critique and question movements and motivations in public discourse.

As Real Time continues to offer a platform for Maher’s unfiltered opinions, his latest segment underscores his role as a provocative voice in cultural and political commentary, whether one agrees with him or not.

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