Billshark Review: Is the Bill Negotiation Service Worth It?

Jenna Gleespen - March 12, 2021

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Billshark negotiates bills for its customers to lower payments, save them money, and improve their financial picture. It handles monthly subscriptions and services like cable packages, cell phone contracts, and others. We’ve extensively explored the benefits, costs, and pitfalls of this new and increasingly popular service. You can decide if it’s worth the investment. Our Billshark review will guide you through each facet of using Billshark to reduce every monthly bill in select categories.

Billshark Review: Overview

Billshark review

Billshark offers the opportunity to reduce your most frequent and regular expenses. While you pay a portion of the total amount saved, those savings still more than cover the cost. If they don’t negotiate a reduction, then you won’t pay, asking nothing of customer trust or assuming risk. 

Though some may be attracted to lowering their bills themselves to save even more, Billshark is highly successful with an advertised 90% chance of saving you money in some form. Even more, Billshark offers other smart, helpful services for savings-savvy customers, such as the ability to check your insurance rates and cancel unnecessary or forgotten subscriptions.

With Billshark’s financial help, you can start whittling down your total monthly spend on bills with the support of experienced negotiators who can help you avoid lost time, heated confrontation, and generally unenjoyable, frustrating experiences with big companies like Comcast, DirecTV, Verizon, and many more.

Unlike other bill negotiation services, Billshark ensures that you save money—or their earnest attempts are completely free of charge. Simply by opening an account with them, you can start uploading your bills and information to start the negotiation process to discount what you currently pay.

Billshark has become an industry-leading bill negotiation and financial health company that saves its average customer $300 to $500 per bill. Their performance in reviews is above average in their industry, and the savings they pass on to their customers has made a name for them in the savings space. Their experience only continues to grow alongside an impressive rate of success.

Lets continue on with this billshark review to see just how the service works!

How Does Billshark Work?

How does Billshark work?

To preview how much the financial service may be worth in the long-run, the Billshark website includes a handy calculator that estimates the potential savings on cable bundles, cell contracts, home security services, and others that you might wish to reduce. 

Reviews show the system is simple. If you want to work with Billshark, you simply open an account through their website or mobile app. After filling in the necessary personal information, you can select the bills and subscriptions you wish to negotiate, uploading images of them directly to Billshark’s app. Provide the information they need to navigate the accounts on your behalf, and they are ready to get started on lowering your expenses per month. 

When negotiations succeed, you will be notified by phone, through email, or in the Billshark app with how much they were able to save you, when you can expect your savings to start, and how the bill was effectively lowered on your bill. If they have saved you money on your bill, this is when you’ll receive Billshark’s invoice. 

In general, we notice that Billshark makes the process of saving money much easier than other services through a simple, intuitive system of collecting information and statements through their app and website. Since they can also give you an idea of the benefits from the beginning through their online bill calculator, their solution maintains transparency while augmenting that openness with well-rated, highly-available support from their customer service agents.

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Is Billshark Legit?

If you’ve read any reviews, you probably know Billshark is a relatively new presence in the world of bill negotiation. And, it started in 2015 by current CEO Steve McKean. He holds the belief that he can benefit society by improving financial health one bill at a time. He still directs the strategy and operations of the company to maintain their best standards for giving customers a positive experience. 

That’s one reason that a billionaire entrepreneur like Mark Cuban backs Billshark. With a trusted reputation for developing up-and-up solutions to consumer challenges, Cuban has turned the small Billshark idea and enterprise into a robust product that helps a growing number of Americans who statistically overpay on bill issued per month.

Interested consumers are also happy to realize that Billshark has been accredited since 2016 with the Better Business Bureau where they carry an A+ rating and reach above a 4.5-star rating for their help. They also have over 150 real customer reviews that communicate the fairness of the company and the trust that new enrollment can expect. 

That is all to say, Billshark is a leading and legitimate bill reduction platform for anyone who wants to save money and gain power over service providers seeking to squeeze every dollar out of their wallets. 

From our Billshark review and internet reviews, most customers praise the help they get to effectively reduce bills from even the most sneaky billing tactics of rigid companies.

What Do You Get with Billshark?

Without costing you anything—after savings—Billshark gives you a way to lower your most oppressive bills without having to make countless calls, wait hours on hold, escalate your requests, or navigate sensitive, obscure conditions to reduce your bills. Their support through expert negotiating will be more successful with lowering your monthly expenses, protecting your time, and, ultimately, saving money.

The top benefits of Billshark are its effectiveness and ability to save you frustration. The platform satisfies over 90% of customers. Customers report savings on one or all of their bills. They fill a truly needed function for millions of possible customers in the U.S. who overpay billions each year. Through Billshark, you can get help on all of the best three ways to save money on monthly bills:

  • Lower your monthly bills.
  • Cancel your unnecessary bills.
  • Check your insurance rates.

Lower Your Bills

Most Americans pay too much for their internet, wireless, and other bills without negotiations, but they have no idea that they can lower these expenses with the right strategy. Even if they do, they don’t know how it can be done or have the time to call, and call, and call while balancing work, family, and life responsibilities. 

Billshark doesn’t cost anything if they can’t lower your bills, and when they do they charge a fraction of the savings rather than an excessive flat fee. In that sense, they guarantee that you save money without the risk of paying for a service that just doesn’t work. Lowering your bills is what makes Billshark profitable, so the chance that they can help you save is their top priority. 

When it comes to the details of reducing each bill you pay, Billshark’s expert negotiating will lock in the best possible rate for you with consistent communication throughout the process. Using a concierge experience and modern communication methods like easy SMS, customers can relax as they watch their monthly bills drop. 

You’ll save on bills until you need to renew with Billshark and begin negotiating again. Until then, customers enjoy their new, low rates. You can start feeling the empowerment against the most massive corporations and expensive services through Billshark by signing up without risk or worry. 

Cancel Your Bills

Sometimes the quickest way to save money is simply cutting the services you no longer need or find valuable. For this, Billshark can act in your best interest by canceling the monthly subscriptions you decide aren’t serving you anymore. 

In many cases, Billshark is even able to secure refunds from these tight-fisted providers. When you have unused services or those covered by certain cancellation policies, Billshark can help. To engage this money-saving service and begin canceling your unnecessary subscriptions, Billshark charges a modest fee of $9 per cancellation. Rather than focus on the small fee they pay, most customers value the time saved on individually canceling services themselves. 

Along the way, Billshark uses top information encryption and internet security measures to keep you safe. BillThey never share your personal or activity information with third-parties or leave it open to internet threats which isn’t necessarily true of other bill negotiating companies. 

Check Your Insurance Rates

Billshark savings calculator

Many know all too well that home and auto insurance rates are unstable. You probably already know that insurance rates go up every year without fail!

Billshark can help with a free tool for those who worry that they are being overcharged by their insurance company. By checking with Billshark, you can be sure that you are getting a fair and reasonable rate for a policy. Even those that that you may have had for years. 

Using their savings calculator specifically for auto and home insurance, you can select your provider and see if your current monthly payment remains competitive and best for you after its periodic price hikes. The tool is free and accurate at estimating how much you might save by making changes to your provider. By giving a few details about what insurance features you need, Billshark can help you identify great value and save you money. 

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Billshark Review: Satisfaction Guarantee

Billshark promises customers that they can take a chunk out of your monthly bills. They aim to keep companies honest when it comes to misleading tactics and your true ability to lower your bill. Reviews say Billshark negotiates the best, reduced rate with service providers. Additionally, they also ensure that the savings stick, typically with a contract every two years.

If a provider reverts to the old price or decides not to observe the terms negotiated on your behalf by Billshark, they will make sure that you go back to the agreed-upon, lowered price. If the company in question won’t work with them, Billshark refunds your savings fee entirely. There’s no need to call to get back your fee according to reviews. This is because they promise you’ll never pay a single fee if you don’t get help.

How Much Does Billshark Cost?

Billshark only charges customers a fee when they save them money on their target bills. Otherwise, the service is free of charge.

Even then, their fee is calculated as a portion of your total savings. This means that it pays for itself in the end. The usual rate is 40% of the reduction. For example, if you save $1,000 per year on your wireless or cable bill, Billshark will invoice you for $400, so that you get the best chance to save money no matter what. 

Billshark Review: Pros and Cons

Though Billshark lives up to its mission, many people see downsides to its risk-free service. At the same time, Billshark is uniquely successful at lowering bills, canceling subscriptions, and finding better insurance rates. Here is a top-level comparison of its benefits and potential pitfalls. 

Billshark Pros

Billshark hires talented negotiation agents who are 90% effective at lowering bills. They also only invoice customers who actually save money using their service. This eliminates the risk often associated with bill reduction platforms that make customers pay before they see real benefits. Customers are also able to estimate their future savings by using their free negotiation, subscription, and insurance calculators. 

  • Experienced Negotiation
  • Post-Payment Policy
  • Reduced Risk
  • Free Calculators

Billshark Cons

Some say that the 40% service fee upon savings is high—even with the post-payment, savings-only policy. In addition, Billshark’s bill negotiation service requires that their invoice be paid upfront. This means some customers will lose interest with a large bill despite greater savings over the year. 

  • 40% Post-Payment
  • Upfront Invoice

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Is Billshark Right for Me?

Is Billshark right for you?

Billshark is right for you if you wish to stop overpaying for essential services. Also, it could be for you if you desire to cancel unnecessary subscriptions, and find better insurance rates. Their ability to benefit customers with bill reduction, service cancellation, and money savings is shown to be effective. 

Billshark Reviews by Customers

Billshark commands an over 4.5-star rating by customers from the Better Business Bureau and other sources. For the great majority, they offer a valuable and enjoyable service. 

Billshark Review: Is Billshark Worth It?

From our research, we recommend the cost that savings customers can secure through them. 

There is little reason that Billshark could not be worth the investment when it pays for itself. The savings speak for themselves.

It appears very true that Billshark wants to benefit every consumer it can through the chance to lower your expenses. We hope this Billshark review helps you decide how you prefer to get money savings through bill negotiation.

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Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.