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Bipartisan Border Deal Failed ‘Only’ Because of Trump, Says Sen. Cardin

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland attributed the collapse of a bipartisan border security deal in the Senate to former President Trump, asserting that Trump’s opposition was the primary obstacle to the bill’s passage.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Cardin criticized Trump’s role in derailing the legislation, which aimed to address critical issues at the border.

Bipartisan Deal Falls Short

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Despite weeks of negotiations and efforts to forge a compromise, a bipartisan border security package failed in the Senate by a narrow margin of 49-50.

Bill Aimed to Address Border Issue

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The bill, part of a larger emergency foreign aid package, aimed to address pressing concerns at the border, but faced significant opposition from members of the GOP.

Trump’s Influence

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Senator Cardin squarely placed the blame for the bill’s failure on former President Trump, highlighting Trump’s public opposition to the deal.

Trump Lead to Senate Republicans’ Rejection

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Trump’s vocal criticism of the legislation and his call for Senate Republicans to reject it underscored his determination to politicize the border issue for electoral gain.

Republican Divisions

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While some GOP senators, including Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, and James Lankford, supported advancing the bill, the majority of the Republican conference opposed it.

Deep Divisions Within GOP

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The bill’s defeat revealed deep divisions within the Republican Party regarding border security policy and priorities.

Trump’s Border Strategy

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Trump’s opposition to the bipartisan deal reflected broader differences in approaches to border security.

His insistence on linking aid to Ukraine with border security reform exemplified his strategy of leveraging policy issues for political advantage.

Impact of Biden’s Policies

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The discussion also touched upon the increasing number of border crossings under President Biden compared to the Trump administration.

Despite the surge in crossings, Cardin emphasized the importance of providing adequate resources to enforce existing laws and address humanitarian concerns.

Policy vs. Resources

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Cardin rejected Republican claims that additional funding alone would resolve border challenges, asserting that both policy measures and resources are necessary.

He underscored the need for comprehensive solutions to address immigration issues and combat the influx of illegal substances like fentanyl.

Source Cardin says bipartisan border security deal ‘only’ failed because of Trump (msn.com)

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