BitcoinIRA Review: Is This Crypto Retirement Account Legit?

Noah Zelvis - April 16, 2021

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Cryptocurrencies have become a dominant force in the financial world, and more investors are turning to crypto to grow their retirement funds by investing in alternative IRA options. In this BitcoinIRA review, we will discuss what the platform has to offer and if its the right fit for you!

A few companies provide such a service, but it can be challenging to decipher which options are the best for you. Luckily, The Stock Dork is here to help.

BitcoinIRA review

BitcoinIRA Review: Overview

Bitcoin IRA arose in 2016 out of a desire for an alternative asset to invest in for retirement. The self-directed IRA company was the first of its kind to offer cryptocurrencies as one of those alternatives.

The company first bought up over ten million dollars worth of Bitcoin before adding Ethereum to the list in 2017. Since then, the business has increased that number to six cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum Classic

Bitcoin IRA is still the largest alternative asset platform out there and focuses heavily on security. The company works with legitimate United States custodians to ensure cash is taken care of while in storage.

BitcoinIRA Review: What Is BitcoinIRA?

Bitcoin IRA is a self-directed full-service IRA for alternative investments. Unlike traditional IRAs, the company enables investment into assets such as digital currencies and precious metals. These retirement accounts offer tax benefits much the same as any other.

Bitcoin IRA makes the process easy for clients to transfer money to their platform by taking on most of the work themselves. After transitioning funds into Bitcoin IRA, the company helps clients directly purchase cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and more.

Once accounts are ready to go, the company has an easy-to-use trading platform for further investing in crypto by connecting clients to the various coin exchanges.

BitcoinIRA Review: How Does BitcoinIRA Work?

Self-directed IRAs like Bitcoin IRA allow clients the flexibility to invest in assets like precious metals and cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin IRA is known for investing funds into cryptocurrency but otherwise functions very similarly to a normal IRA. With this service specifically, it’s simple to set up an account and choose how much cash you want to transfer. Bitcoin IRA takes over from there and makes the arrangements, with the process taking typically between three and five days.

Using a Bitcoin IRA does have a few notable differences, however.

Bitcoin IRAs are required to bring on board a custodian, a business that keeps your money safe and provides a secure storage option. They also perform reviews of your retirement account to make sure it adheres to all federal guidelines.

These crypto retirement accounts are also linked up to crypto exchanges that handle any trade of Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or any other cryptocurrency you may have an interest in.

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The Ultimate Guide to Crypto IRAs eBook Review

Available as a free download, this guide breaks down why Bitcoin can be a powerful investment tool. It covers in detail the history of Bitcoin and how cryptocurrency is a safe long-term financial investment. It explains how to use the currency to grow your retirement and why crypto is the way of the future.

BitcoinIRA Review: What Does BitcoinIRA Include?

In addition to being an IRA, Bitcoin IRA has some trading tools and an easy-to-use dashboard on their website to keep you connected to the happenings in your account. Take a look at some of the top features:

Trading Features

BitcoinIRA trading features

Bitcoin IRA is rather unique as an IRA provider in that it also allows account holders to trade cryptocurrencies right from their proprietary trading platform. This makes it possible to buy and sell digital currency at any time, day or night. Trading can take place through either the website or the app and from any location.

BitcoinIRA portfolio

Tax-Free Investment

The beautiful thing about IRAs is that they allow investors to save for retirement without worrying about taxes. A cryptocurrency IRA like Bitcoin IRA allows the creation of a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA account for your investments.

With any traditional IRA, earnings are able to grow tax-deferred until it comes time to withdraw them at retirement.

Roth IRAs contain money that’s been pre-taxed, so this money can be removed from a retirement account tax-free when the time comes.

Security Features

At Bitcoin IRA, each IRA account has storage entirely offline in segregated cold storage accounts through Bitgo Trust, a qualified custodian based in the United States. Each investment account held with Bitgo Trust is covered with up to a $100 million insurance policy to protect assets further.

Furthermore, the self-directed IRA platform is secured with a 256 bit encrypted SSL certification. A digital wallet meets industry-leading standards for asset security, and Bitgo has received a robust SOC 2 Type 2 security certification.


BitcoinIRA dashboard

Once you’ve created an account, the customizable dashboard becomes available. Within this digital space, investors can access all pertinent account information.

The dashboard allows investors to add funds to their account, access live pricing, and start trading cryptocurrencies.

An investor can also check out Bitcoin IRA’s massive education database and view articles, infographics, and tutorial videos within the dashboard.

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BitcoinIRA Cancellation Policy

Canceling your IRA account with Bitcoin IRA is a snap once you’ve transferred all your funds to a different retirement account. There is a fee of $75 per asset when transferring out of Bitcoin IRA. Once your account is empty, it’s as simple as sending an email to the company to close your account.

BitcoinIRA Review: How Much Does BitcoinIRA Cost?

While creating a Bitcoin IRA account is technically free, there are plenty of fees that users need to be aware of. As soon as you fund your portfolio for the first time, you’ll receive an annual account fee of $240, and then you will be liable for a fee based on the amount of money in your initial investment.

Your initial investments must be $3000 at minimum. The fee for that first investment up to $49,900 is 12.5% based on a 5-year hold. For an initial investment of $50,000 to $99,900, the fee is 10%. The fee for anything above $100,000 comes in at 7.5% of your investment amount.

While the custodian setup fee is free, a 0.05% digital wallet holding fee is charged monthly.

If you are looking at doing a transaction, fees for sell orders sit at 1% per transaction, and fees for buy orders on crypto are 5%.


As confusing as it might sound, BitcoinIRA is Bitcoin IRA’s flagship service and is what most clients invest their cash into. Setup on the website or app takes just a few minutes. After which, investors can set up their portfolios.

As with any standard IRA, cash in the account is tax-deferred until it comes time to draw out at retirement. An investor is simply investing in crypto assets instead of more traditional means.

Investors can trade cryptocurrency at any time and should take a more active approach in this type of IRA in order to optimize potential returns. The value of funds in the IRA are directly linked to the value of the cryptocurrency’s that you are invested in.

Bitcoin 401k

A 401K is a deferred-income plan that companies sponsor for employees to allocate a portion of their paycheck to. Many companies don’t yet support investing in cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin IRA doesn’t have a solo 401K plan as of yet.

However, it is possible to transfer funds from a 401K to a Bitcoin IRA account if you’re no longer employed at the business associated with the 401K.

IRA Earn

BitcoinIRA earn
Bitcoin IRA Earn Program

IRA Earn gives investors the chance to lend their assets and make interest on their investment portfolio. An IRA Earn account requires a minimum investment of $10,000 to start. There’s no lockup period for an Earn IRA account, so it’s easy to start or stop at any time.

Cash investments see a colossal 6% interest rate, where Bitcoin and Ethereum see closer to a 2% interest rate. Users get monthly payouts directly into the retirement account. This amount depends on the value of the account’s investments.

Saver IRA

BitcoinIRA saver IRA

The Saver IRA allows users with smaller portfolios to start with Bitcoin IRA. This plan requires only a minimum investment of $100 to open. But, this plan also requires a minimum monthly contribution of $100 through a linked savings or checking account.

The preliminary investment and monthly deposits will be automatically invested in the cryptocurrencies you choose. A Saver IRA sees all the tax benefits of the other plans that Bitcoin IRA offers.

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BitcoinIRA Review: Is BitcoinIRA Legit?

Bitcoin IRA has been around since 2016, one of the first of a series of companies to purchase cryptocurrency for purposes of setting up an IRA. It is still the largest company for alternative assets with over 100,000 users and more than $500 million in transactions.

The company protects your investments with a $100 million insurance policy and uses U.S.-based Bitgo Trust as a custodian. They’ve added new cryptocurrency investment opportunities since their inception in 2016.

BitcoinIRA Review: Pros and Cons

Bitcoin IRA appears to be a solid company with a lot going for it. However, there are a few negatives to make note of.

BitcoinIRA Pros

  • Full-service self-directed IRA
  • Fast and easy account setup process
  • Strong security measures with cold storage
  • $100 million insurance policy for assets
  • Has trading capability
  • IRA Earn builds interest
  • Allows clients to invest in big cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic

BitcoinIRA Cons

  • Difficult to understand investment fees
  • $3000 minimum to open an account
  • Somewhat limited in crypto options

Is BitcoinIRA Right for Me?

If you have interest in pursuing an alternative method of investing for retirement, Bitcoin IRA could be worth considering. Because of the risk involved in cryptocurrency, an IRA with Bitcoin is best for someone who has a longer time to plan for retirement.

Unlike other IRAs, Bitcoin IRA requires a much more hands-on approach. It’s beneficial to watch how currencies are moving and to buy or sell as needed in order to get the most out of your investments. Taking a passive role in this IRA will minimize gains and effectivity.

BitcoinIRA Reviews by Members

Bitcoin IRA receives strong positive reviews on websites like Google, BirdEye Reviews, and ShopperApproved. With upwards of a thousand reviews on each site, ratings are firmly in the 4.5 to 4.7 range out of a possible five stars.

Here are just a few of the comments Bitcoin IRA has received as of late:

Bitcoin IRA has a very easy-to-understand and navigate website. There are instructional videos on every topic that you can view and learn more about their services. A helpful representative called the next day to see if I had any questions and was helpful. If you are interested in having Bitcoin as part of your retirement portfolio you should consider using Bitcoin IRA.

– Joe, on Google

Process was very easy and self-explanatory. If you did have a question someone reaches out to you in less than 24 hours to ensure all your questions and needs have been met.

– Carolin, on Google

Final Review: Is BitcoinIRA Worth It?

Bitcoin IRA seems to be good at what it does, providing IRA investment opportunities in the crypto world. With a $100 million insurance policy and a strong custodian in Bitgo Trust, you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands. In addition to a secure system, Bitcoin IRA has strong phone and email support should you ever need help.

If you can wrap your head around the fees that come with Bitcoin IRA, and have the time to work with your investments and help them grow, then Bitcoin IRA may be worth the investment. The high volatility of cryptocurrency matched with the tax advantages of an IRA could lead to returns that would be almost unobtainable with traditional retirement accounts. If that is something that interests you then check out BitcoinIRA today!

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