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“Blue Beetle” Movie Projected To Tank

Warner Bros.’ latest superhero offering, “Blue Beetle,” is projected to experience lackluster box office numbers, opening with earnings estimated between $12 to $17 million. If these projections hold, the movie’s total domestic gross could range from $27 to $55 million. What makes this concerning for Warner Bros. is the $120 million they poured into the film’s production. 

Ethnicity-Driven Marketing: A Misstep?

The film’s marketing, which branded “Blue Beetle” as the “WORLD’S FIRST HISPANIC SUPERHERO,” has attracted criticism. Critics argue that a movie’s ethnicity-driven marketing angle may not resonate well with audiences. Historical comparisons provide valuable insights. The “Blade” trilogy’s success, launched in 1998, didn’t hinge on promoting Blade as the “WORLD’S FIRST BLACK SUPERHERO.” Instead, the focus was on the captivating performance of Wesley Snipes. Similarly, the “Creed” franchise, which transitioned its lead from Sylvester Stallone to Michael B. Jordan, wasn’t sold as a racial shift but as a natural progression of the storyline.

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Previous Films and Representation

The 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot faced backlash, while its successor, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” which introduced black and female Ghostbusters, was more favorably received. Critics argue this difference stems from how the films were marketed — the latter prioritized nostalgia and respect for the original, while the former was perceived as trying to ride the wave of social justice movements. 

The Role of Authentic Storytelling

Photo Credit: @bluebeetle on Instagram

Many feel that overly emphasizing racial or gender “firsts” undermines the essence of a film. This approach may be seen as disingenuous, pushing a shallow agenda rather than focusing on compelling storytelling. Such perceptions can lead audiences to believe the film prioritizes social messages over substance, which can make it unappealing to many.

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Director’s Controversial Stance

Adding to the controversies surrounding “Blue Beetle” was director Angel Manuel Soto’s reaction to fans’ concerns about a line in the trailer referring to Batman as “fascist.” Instead of addressing the concerns directly, Soto’s initial response was seen as dismissive. Though he later urged audiences to give his movie a chance, the sentiment that the director was antagonistic towards fans persisted.


In conclusion, while the representation in films is essential and long overdue, the manner in which it’s presented and marketed plays a crucial role in its reception. The controversies and criticisms surrounding “Blue Beetle” highlight the importance of a well-thought-out approach to both film production and promotion.

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