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Boebert Faces ‘Beetlejuice’ Taunts While Sparring With GW University Protestors

A heated exchange unfolded at George Washington University as Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert faced off against pro-Palestinian demonstrators on Wednesday. 

Amidst chants and tension, Boebert’s attempt to engage with protesters over a Palestinian flag sparked controversy and raised questions about free speech and political discourse on college campuses.

As Boebert arrived on campus, she was met with chants of “Beetlejuice,” echoing a past incident at a musical. 

In September 2023, Rep. Lauren Boebert was escorted out of a theater in Denver during a performance of the musical Beetlejuice. 

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She was accused of disruptive behavior, which included vaping, singing, and causing disturbance. 

An incident report indicated that two patrons, believed to be Boebert and her partner, were asked to leave after complaints about their actions during the show. 

The incident gained attention due to surveillance footage showing Boebert vaping and raising her middle finger at employees as she was asked to leave.

Later, Boebert issued an apology, acknowledging that she had “fallen short of her values” and expressing regret for her actions during the performance.

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The hostile reception at George Washington University set the tone for a confrontational encounter between the Colorado Republican and pro-Palestine demonstrators.

Undeterred by the chants, Boebert engaged with the protesters, expressing her disagreement with the display of a Palestinian flag on campus. 

“This is America, and that shit needs to come down,” she told protestors.

In a tense moment, she attempted to remove the flag from a statue of George Washington, leading to a verbal exchange with a protester over property rights.

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Amidst the escalating confrontation, Boebert issued a warning to the university, threatening to cut federal funding if the protests were not addressed. 

“If they don’t want to do something to address this? Well, then kiss your federal funding goodbye,” she said.

Her remarks underscored the intensity of the standoff between the lawmaker and the demonstrators.

Boebert’s clash with pro-Palestine protesters mirrors similar encounters involving Republican lawmakers on college campuses. 

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House Speaker Mike Johnson faced boos and heckles at Columbia University, highlighting a broader trend of GOP figures engaging with demonstrators amid heightened tensions over Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

The confrontations at George Washington University and Columbia University underscore a growing divide between the GOP and American colleges regarding the handling of protests on campus. 

Calls for crackdowns on demonstrators reveal deep-seated disagreements over free speech and political expression in academic settings.

Against the backdrop of escalating tensions, the House of Representatives recently approved substantial aid to Israel, signaling bipartisan support for the country amidst its conflict with Hamas. 

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However, dissent within both parties reflects ongoing debates over U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

In response to the clashes, Boebert condemned the rise of antisemitism, particularly on college campuses, emphasizing the need to address and combat such bigotry. 

“The rise of antisemitism in America and especially on college campuses is abhorrent and disgusting,” she wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Her remarks underscore the broader concerns within the GOP regarding discrimination and intolerance in academic environments.

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