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Border Crossers from Venezuela Arrested for Shoplifting During Thanksgiving Holiday in Illinois

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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, several individuals who had crossed the border from Venezuela were arrested in Illinois for shoplifting from various stores. In the first incident, Neikis Yeimily Salazar and Alexander Saul Martinez Lima were charged with felony retail theft for allegedly shoplifting Christmas items from a Hobby Lobby in Deerfield.

The two individuals entered the store, loaded their shopping carts with nearly $900 worth of items, and left without paying. They were later apprehended by the police and 104 stolen Christmas items were recovered.

Credits: DepositPhotos

In another incident, Ilys Mary Ledesma Zapata, Christian Johan Saavedra-Omona, and Braud Pineda Avendano were charged with felony burglary and retail theft after shoplifting over $500 worth of items from a Kohl’s store in Elmhurst.

The police found a magnet device used to bypass anti-theft technology in possession of Ledesma Zapata. Despite prosecutors’ request for their detention due to flight risk, the three individuals were released from jail.

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Lastly, Lenguieyer Guevara-Muro and Jinder Moises Angulo-Aparicio were arrested for felony burglary and retail theft after allegedly stealing clothing worth approximately $800 from a Macy’s store.

They filled a foil-lined bag with the stolen items and were approached by officers as they left the store. Guevara-Muro resisted arrest and had to be brought to the ground.

Credit: DepositPhotos

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In response to these incidents, DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin expressed concern over individuals from Venezuela being charged with stealing merchandise from retail stores.

Guevara-Muro remains in custody, while Angulo-Aparicio was released from jail. The court dates for the defendants vary, with Guevara-Muro scheduled for December 11, Angulo-Aparicio for December 18, and Salazar and Lima for December 29.

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