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Border Patrol Union Backs Texas’s Border Policies

The union representing U.S. Border Patrol agents has expressed support for Texas’s border security measures. They have publicly stated their appreciation for the state’s efforts amid tensions with the Biden administration.

Conflict Over Shelby Park Access

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A dispute has arisen between the federal government and Texas Governor Greg Abbott following the National Guard’s takeover of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas. The Guard’s actions have reportedly restricted Border Patrol agents’ access, leading to legal confrontations.

National Border Patrol Council’s Clarification

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The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) clarified on social media that Border Patrol agents have no issues with Texas’s border security actions. They refuted any claims of internal disputes as false.

Union’s Statement of Solidarity

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The NBPC emphasized that there is no conflict between Border Patrol agents and Texas’s National Guard or state officials. They respect the efforts made by Texas to protect its borders.

Supreme Court Decision on Barrier Removal

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The Supreme Court recently allowed the federal government to adjust barriers along the Texas border. Governor Abbott, however, insists on his authority to direct the National Guard in reinforcing border barriers.

Abbott’s Defense of Texas’s Actions

Credit: Gov. Greg Abbott / National Governors Association

Governor Abbott criticized President Biden for failing to enforce federal immigration laws. He argued that Texas’s measures are a response to the federal government’s inaction.

Nationwide Support for Texas

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Governor Abbott’s stance has garnered support from 25 other states. This coalition backs Texas in its efforts to secure its borders against illegal immigration.

Calls for Presidential Intervention

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Congressman Joaquin Castro has urged President Biden to assert control over the National Guard if Texas defies the Supreme Court’s ruling. This suggestion reflects the escalating federal-state tensions.

NBPC’s Position on Arresting National Guard Members

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The NBPC stated that Border Patrol agents would not arrest Texas National Guard members for executing lawful orders. They emphasized the mutual respect between the two groups.

Compliance with Lawful Orders

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The union highlighted that Border Patrol agents are expected to follow lawful orders, even if they are unpopular. They also noted that agents would not adhere to orders deemed unlawful by competent legal counsel.

The Legal Framework for Border Enforcement

Immigration enforcement is traditionally a federal responsibility. Texas claims sovereign authority to protect its borders due to perceived federal inaction.

Texas’s Response to Immigration Challenges

Credit: Juarez, Mexico, 12-21-2022: Texan National Guard places wire and barbed wire on the banks of the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States to request humanitarian asylum. — Photo by Laflota

Texas justifies its border security measures as necessary due to a surge in illegal crossings. The state argues it is stepping in where the federal government has not, citing a constitutional right to defend its borders.

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