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Border Patrol Union Head Praises Greg Abbott Amid Border Dispute

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd has expressed his support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to seal off part of the southern border. This move is seen as enabling Border Patrol agents to deploy resources more effectively. It came after federal officials alleged that agents were unable to respond to a distress call from Mexico due to the border closure.

Abbott Blocks Off a Stretch of the Southern Border

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Last week, Texas National Guard and state troopers sealed off Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, using razor wire and fencing. This action effectively blocked the U.S. Border Patrol from accessing a 2.5-mile section of the Rio Grande.

Border Patrol’s Use of Shelby Park

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The park had been crucial for Border Patrol operations, featuring a boat ramp for river patrols and a staging area to process apprehended migrants. However, Abbott’s move to halt illegal migrant crossings drew criticism after a tragic incident in which a woman and two children drowned in the Rio Grande.

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DHS Claims Border Agents Were Prevented

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stated that Border Patrol agents were physically prevented by Texas officials from entering the area in response to a distress call from the Mexican government. The DHS criticized the obstruction.

Rep. Henry Cuellar’s Account

Texas Democrat Representative Henry Cuellar asserted that Border Patrol agents engaged with the Texas Military Department (TMD) and the Texas National Guard at the Shelby Park Entrance Gate. However, they were informed that access to migrants would not be granted, even in emergencies, and that a soldier would investigate the situation.

TMD’s Response to Allegations

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The Texas Military Department (TMD) countered these claims, stating that they did not hinder Border Patrol from attempting to save drowning migrants. They indicated that at the time Border Patrol requested access, the drownings had already occurred, and Mexican authorities were recovering the bodies.

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Abbott’s Response on Social Media

Credit: July 24, 2023, Brazil. In this photo illustration, a woman’s silhouette holds a smartphone with the Twitter (X) new logo in the background — Photo by rafapress

Governor Greg Abbott responded to the situation on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), stating that the drownings had already taken place in Mexico when Border Patrol requested river access. He attributed the deaths to what he termed as “Biden’s Open Border magnet.”

National Border Patrol Council President’s Praise

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, expressed his support for Governor Abbott’s actions during an interview on Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria.

Targeting ‘Gotaways’

Central American migrants detained by border patrol after they irregularly crossed the border to seek humanitarian asylum in the United States — Photo by Laflota

Judd stated that despite having access to Shelby Park, Border Patrol would not have been able to respond in time due to the absence of nighttime-operating boats. He commended Abbott for allowing resources to be deployed to other critical areas, particularly targeting “gotaways.”

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Judd Defends Abbott’s Decision

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Judd defended Governor Abbott’s choice to seal off Shelby Park, emphasizing that it enhanced resource deployment and assisted in addressing challenges posed by “gotaways.” He viewed Abbott’s actions as acting as a force multiplier for Border Patrol efforts and contrasted them with President Joe Biden’s perceived reluctance to take similar measures.

White House Criticizes Abbott’s Actions

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The White House responded to Governor Abbott’s actions by characterizing them as “political stunts.” In reference to the migrant deaths, a White House spokesperson criticized Abbott’s actions as cruel, inhumane, and dangerous, emphasizing the need for U.S. Border Patrol to have access to the border to enforce laws.

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