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Boston’s New Migrant Shelter Overrun in Just One Week, Despite Mayor’s Claims of Returning Site To Residents By May

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu disclosed that the overflow site for migrant families at a recreation center in Massachusetts has almost reached its capacity, just over a week after opening.

Capacity Quickly Filled

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The Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex, converted into a 400-capacity migrant shelter on January 31, has rapidly filled up with migrants seeking refuge in just one week, according to Mayor Wu’s remarks on the local podcast, “Java with Jimmy.”

A Temporary Spot

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Wu explained, “This whole situation is a temporary spot.”

He added that he was clear that “the pool is necessary for the community, for all the multi-generational activity that happens in the neighborhood.”

Center Inaccessible for Residents

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Since being transformed into an illegal migrant shelter, the Melnea A. Cass Recreation Complex has been inaccessible to Roxbury residents.

Migrant Placement in Special Cohorts

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Mayor Wu highlighted that 75 migrant children have been registered with the Boston Public Schools and placed in specialized “cohorts” aimed at providing them with additional resources for multilingual learning.

Commitment to Close Site

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Governor Maura Healey, a Democrat, has committed to closing the site by May 31 following criticism from the Roxbury community, where the recreation center is situated.

Concerns from City Council Member

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City Council member Tania Fernandes Anderson voiced concerns from constituents feeling displaced by the governor’s decision.

She told reporters: “The constituents have been stating loud and clear, ‘You are displacing us.”

Governor’s Justification

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Governor Healey defended the decision, citing the overwhelmed state of other facilities across Massachusetts that previously served as housing shelters, including Logan International Airport.

Legal Obligation to Provide Shelter

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Massachusetts, being a right-to-shelter state, is legally required to provide shelter for homeless families, a responsibility driving the decision to repurpose the recreation center.

Governor Healey’s Message

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Adding a touch of inevitability given the context, Gover Healey said: “We just have to do what we have to do at this time,” she said.

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