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Breaking Up Amazon, Prime, and AWS: A Risk to Consumers

The push to dismantle Amazon, led by FTC chair Lina Khan, raises concerns about negative consequences for consumers.

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The Potential Impact on Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

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Breaking up Amazon, including entities like Amazon, Prime, and AWS, could harm the efficiency and cost-effectiveness that consumers currently enjoy.

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Amazon’s Synergy and Cost Savings

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Amazon’s various components work together to provide consumers with diverse offerings and significant cost savings.

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Public Approval of Amazon

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A Harvard-Harris poll shows that 72% of Americans approve of Amazon, highlighting its positive impact on consumers.

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FTC’s Prioritization of Breaking Up Amazon

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FTC chair Lina Khan prioritizes breaking up Amazon over preserving the benefits it offers to consumers.

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Khan’s Definition of a Monopoly

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Khan’s unconventional antitrust framework focuses on aspects like lower prices and consumer preferences, reshaping consumer preferences through antitrust measures.

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Amazon’s Widespread Adoption

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Around 200 million global consumers have adopted Amazon’s convenient and affordable services.

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The Fight Against “The Curse of Bigness”

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The FTC’s mission now includes fighting against the perceived negative consequences of large corporations like Amazon.

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Amazon’s Practices and Competition

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The FTC claims that Amazon’s practices, such as compelling merchants to use its services, are anti-competitive.

However, these practices align with consumer-centric operations.

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Disproportionate Focus on Breaking Up Amazon

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The FTC’s focus on dismantling Amazon seems disproportionate, as it disregards consumer preferences and harms a trusted brand.

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Prioritizing Consumer Choices and Benefits

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The FTC should prioritize addressing actual harms while allowing consumers to benefit from a diverse and efficient marketplace.

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Balancing Competition and Consumer Preferences

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Consumers deserve robust competition and choices, and the FTC’s approach risks sacrificing the benefits provided by Amazon.

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