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Brooklyn High School’s Housing of Illegal Immigrants Sparks Concerns Among Parents and Politicians

Jane Lyokovich, a parent, had to skip work to supervise her daughter. The daughter’s school, James Madison High School, was closed to shelter illegal immigrants.

Inadequate Remote Learning Curriculum

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The remote learning provided was minimal, consisting of just one assignment. Lyokovich’s daughter was told that submitting this assignment would count as her attendance.

Community Outrage Over School’s Use

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About 3,400 students’ parents, including Lyokovich, were frustrated with the use of James Madison High School to shelter 1,900 illegal immigrants. The immigrants were moved there to protect them from a rainstorm.

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Disruptions to Student’s Routine

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Lyokovich, concerned about her daughter’s education, highlighted the disruption caused by the closure. Her daughter had important exams and tutoring sessions planned.

Health Concerns Among Parents

Tatyana Lerner, another parent, worried about diseases like COVID-19 when illegal immigrants were sheltered at her son’s school. Her son, a swim team member, skipped a competition fearing health risks.

Community Protest and Political Response

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Lerner joined a protest with other parents and politicians, expressing their dissatisfaction. New York Assemblyman Michael Novakhov and City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov were among the protestors.

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Feeling of Neglect in the Community

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Lerner voiced her disappointment, feeling that children and society were being overlooked. She lamented the lack of individual voices in decision-making processes.

Political Action Against School’s Use for Sheltering

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Assemblyman Novakhov plans to support a bill preventing schools from housing illegal immigrants. He criticized the city’s decision to use the school for sheltering migrants.

Mayor’s Defense of Emergency Measures

Handwriting text writing Emergency Plan. Conceptual photo Procedures for response to major emergencies Be prepared

NYC Mayor Eric Adams defended the decision, emphasizing the importance of not leaving children and families homeless. He insisted that schools could be used in emergencies to protect children.

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Immigration Policy Criticism

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Critics, including Councilwoman Vernikov’s office, blamed President Joe Biden’s immigration policies for local challenges. A significant number of illegal immigrants have accessed city services.

Legal Challenge Against Housing Illegal Immigrants

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State Assemblywoman Jaime Williams is part of a lawsuit against the mayor’s administration. The lawsuit demands the closure of Floyd Bennett Field as a housing option for illegal immigrants.

Future Legislative Plans and Community Sentiment

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Tom Sullivan, a candidate for State Assembly, expressed his intention to propose a bill declaring New York as not a sanctuary state. He emphasized the need for a change in the state’s stance on illegal immigration.

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