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Bud Light’s Beer Bust! The “Woke” Brew Loses its Fizz, Slips 24.4%, While Modelo Froths At the Top

Whoa, grab a chair folks! The beer world is going bonkers, and it ain’t pretty if you’re Bud Light. In a shocking turn of events, the King of Beers is stumbling, and its crown is teetering! 

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A Bud Light Eclipse?

Let’s start with the fact that Bud Light sales sunk by a staggering 24.4% in just a week! Talk about a brutal hangover. Right after they had discounted their beers for Memorial Day, they were hoping for a miracle to save the day, but instead, their sales took a nose dive. 

Meanwhile, the Underdogs Bite Back!

As the mighty fall, guess who’s licking their chops? Their sister brands and rivals! Michelob Ultra just barely made a positive blip on the radar with a 0.7% increase in sales, getting out of the red for the first time in weeks! There’s life after Bud Light, after all.

Other Anheuser-Busch brands aren’t doing so hot, but at least they’re not free-falling like Bud Light. Budweiser saw a 7.8% slump, Natural Light was down by 1.0%, and Busch Light fell by 0.8%. Not ideal, but they’re surviving!

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The Dylan Mulvaney Woke-quake!

So why did Bud Light hit rock bottom? Well, they thought going ‘woke’ with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was gonna be their ticket to cool town. A perfect mix of marketing and inclusivity, right? 

Oh boy, did they miscalculate that one! The move backfired so badly it would make a firecracker blush. Mulvaney’s image, bathing in Bud Light cans, didn’t quite hit the sweet spot. And that special-edition Bud Light can with her face on it? That didn’t do any favors, either. 

Credits: DepositPhotos

Modelo Especial: The Dark Horse Gallops Ahead!

While Bud Light’s sinking faster than a lead balloon, its arch-rival Modelo Especial’s going the opposite way. Get this: They saw their sales surge by a whopping 12.2% in the same week! Seems like they’re the brand to beat this summer. 

In the Eye of the Storm

The backlash against Bud Light is hitting them where it hurts. Even GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and Blue Jay’s pitcher Anthony Bass have joined the chorus against Bud Light. It seems like the “woke” wave they were trying to ride ended up being a tidal wave that swept them off their feet.

Now, we don’t know what you think about all this, but we’d love to hear it! So drop your thoughts below, and let’s keep this conversation buzzing, just like a good cold beer on a hot summer day! Remember, folks, in the beer world, it’s always a wild ride!

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